Manufacturers Cup motorcycle drag racing series
MPS/Mike Thyen Racing team report

event: Motec/HTP East Coast Cup
when: April 11-13, 2014
where: South Georgia Motorsports Park, Valdosta, USA

MPS/Thyen Racing #1 Qualifier At Motec/HTP East Coast Cup

story and photos courtesy of Dan Rudd of MPS

Mike and I were chomping at the bit to go racing. We had planned to race the PDRA event at SGMP but Billy was called away to the Middle East. Since that is a slightly better paying gig than ours we were left without a rider. The bright side was we had some extra (if there is such a thing) time to work on our program. We got all of our engines freshened up, added some new data acquisition, and did a little component testing. Dawn from Bates Leathers delivered some cool new leathers for Billy, which got lots of compliments this weekend.

The trip to Virginia was a little bit of an adventure going through a mere 4 tires. The plan was to install the new “Project X” powerplant in the frame rails Thursday night before Friday morning test session. The clouds were pouring rain for most of the evening to complicate our task. We finished up Friday morning and were ready for the test session. We made 2 normally aspirated runs to tune the new engine, netting a 7.87 quarter mile time, our quickest to date. Test time was cut short and we were forced to make our best guess on the nitrous tune up for the first round of qualifying. We ran a 4.14, the quickest of the round, making us the current #1qualifier.

Unfortunately our guess on the tune up was a slight bit lean and hurt the rings. We spent Saturday night swapping engines. Ready to go for the 2nd round of qualifying, we decided to be a little safer with the tuning. We ran a 4.23, a little safer than we thought. Meanwhile, Travis Davis had taken the #1 spot with a nice 4.08. We were the last bike in line for the last qualifying round, by the time we were ready to run we had been bumped back to 3rd. We tuned it back up and ran a team best 4.06 and jumped back to the #1 spot! Unfortunately, we killed another set of rings and were forced to miss our Italian dinner with the Stempers to change another engine. Special thanks go to Walt Timblin of Timblin Chassis for putting up the #1 Qualifier money! We definitely appreciate any extra prize money!

Link to the video of the 4.06 run

First run we had a bye run and decided to be a little conservative with the tune up with the new engine and get some data. We went 4.12. We had Dave Norris in the second round. Dave, an ADRL Battle of the Belts winner, can step up and run good numbers anytime so we stepped on it a little bit for the run. We made the correct adjustments, Billy cut a .006 light, ran a 1.02 60 footer ( .02 better than the 4.12 pass) and the bike started missing just after the 60 foot because of a leaking o-ring in the fuel system. Our 4.188 trailed by only .019 at the stripe to Norris’ .038 initiated 4.137.

All in all, it was a good weekend for the team. We made some big strides with things we are experimenting with and expect them to bear fruit very soon. Watch for us to do well in Atlanta!

About the bike: This bike is a totally unique combination for Pro Comp. It starts with a highly modified Suzuki Hayabusa powerplant with an MPS billet block, CP Pistons, Crower rods, Cooper Performance cylinder head with Kibblewhite valves, APE springs and cylinder studs in an Innovative Performance Racing chassis. It features what we call “MPS Spyder Dry Nitrous system and the new Holley Dominator ECU. This custom EFI/nitrous system controls all motorcycle functions including data logging.

We would also like to thank all our other parts suppliers without whom we could not race. Thanks to Kevin at Lectron Fuel Systems for the awesome new “Injectrons”, Tim at Holley EFI, Ray at MSD Ignition, Jay at APE, Snake & RC at CP-Carrillo, Bill at Robinson Industries, Kerry at Crower, Lori, Debbie, and Melissa at Web Cam, Mike at Cometic, Go Go at Nitrous Express, Kurt at Millennium Technology, Will at Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Carl at ARC, Eric at MTC Engineering, Dave at Worldwide Bearings, Dawn at Bates Leathers, Hot Rod Chrissy for her awesome photos, and last but not least Brandi at for the great coverage of our sport.