RS Motorsports team report
Mickey Thompson Performance Tires International Drag Bike League

event: 18th Annual Pingel Spring Nationals
when: April 24-26, 2015
where: Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, MD, USA

From Dinner to Winner!
RS Motorsports Qualifies #1 and Wins at MDIR

story, photos and video by Tim Hailey 

Roger Starrette on his way to an unexpected #1 qualifier

Multi-time DME Racing Real Street champ Jeremy Teasley showed up for the International Drag Bike League’s Pingel Spring Nationals at Maryland International Raceway without a ride in the class. Bike owner Roger Starrette had decided he was sitting out the Maryland commute this season, and his trailer full of race bikes was parked at his South Carolina home.

Starrette was on his way to get barbecue for Saturday night dinner when he heard from Jeremy’s dad—James “Crow” Teasley—that the second round of qualifying at MDIR had been postponed by rain until Sunday. His heartstrings pulled, the wheels in his brain turning, and Starrette had only to turn the wheel on his truck to change his dinner plans. One U-turn and an overnight drive later and he was unloading the trailer in Maryland.

Jeremy Teasley (near lane) and Tom Federici wheels up in the semis

And unloading in a big way. Riding teammate David Merks’ turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa, Starrette qualified number one with a 7.85 and Teasley qualified third behind Rickey Gadson. But Starrette scattered Merks’ motor all over the track on an E1 bye pass. Teasley beat supercharged record holder Tom Federici in the semi to set up the final with “Super Dave” Stewart, who was way late at the tree and came up short on the big end against the champ and his nitrous-huffing, Kawasaki ZX14.

Watch all of the action and hear the interviews in this video:

Roger Starrette thanks Adams Performance and the whole RS Motorsports team