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MPS/Thyen Racing Get First Win!

We had made several changes to the bike since the last time out and were hoping to run in the 4.20s at the Manufacturers Cup. This is the biggest all motorcycle drag race event in the world, so we wanted to do well. The first run on Friday’s test session was a 4.41. We had a gremlin that would wind up costing us 2 of the 3 qualifying runs. Our backs were against the wall for the final round of qualifying. We were the next to last pair out and needed to run a 4.237 or better to qualify. We ran a career best 4.235 to get in the show in the 16th spot. The last bike to run was Mac McAdams who wasn’t yet in the show either. Mac runs a nice 4.199 to bump us out! That was a big let down to not get to race the main event. But, because of the large number of competitors, the Manufacturers Cup runs a B race for non-qualifiers in Pro Comp and Pro Street. In the first round our competition left before the tree was activated then tossed a rod out the front of the engine. The debris from his engine explosion came across the track in front of Mike. Mike shut it off early, dodging the connecting rod, to get the win. The second round we ran a 4.32 to get the win. We ran 4.24 against Perry Hollie to be the winner of the Pro Comp side of the race. The final against the Pro Street winner was really cool. The unique format would be run ¼ mile on a handicapped Pro tree. The handicap was determined by each class national record. Pro Comp runs 1/8 mile and was converted to a ¼ mile time. We don’t run ¼ mile so our bike wasn’t geared to make it a ¼ mile. I told Mike to run it past the shift light a little in 6th and then shut it off. I wanted a complete engine to take home not a bunch of broken parts. The Pro Street index was set at 7.00 and the Pro Comp at 6.45. I figured we had a really good chance to win this thing because Mike is an past AMA Prostar Pro ET National Champ. In the final Mike had the tree by .055 and ran .a 425 off 6.875 to the Pro Street .552 off 7.552 to take the win. Mike had to womp the gas a few times at the end to get it to the finish line without engine damage, which made it sound just like a bracket race! All in all, a great weekend for our team. We made 3 good solid runs in the low 20s with no engine damage. Now we have good data to tune from for winter testing. We couldn’t be more excited about next season!

See the video of our 4.23 run here!

About the bike: This bike is a totally unique combination for Pro Mod. It starts with a highly modified Suzuki Hayabusa powerplant with an MPS billet block, JE Pistons, Crower rods, Cooper Performance cylinder head with Kibblewhite valves, APE springs and cylinder studs in an Innovative Performance Racing chassis. It features what we call “MPS Lethal Injection,” a combination of MPS Spyder Dry Nitrous system and the new Holley Dominator ECU. This custom EFI/nitrous system controls all motorcycle functions including data logging. It is currently the quickest and fastest EFI/Nitrous motorcycle.