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Gladstone and San Marino Teed Up for the Countdown

Gladstone Taking High Marks to Indy

Tonglet’s Norwalk win keeps the WAR Machine Rolling

White Alligator Racing Sweeps Four-Wide

Mythic Winlight for Gladstone at Norwalk

Thrash and Thrill for Gladstone and San Marino

Savoie’s #1 Qualifier is Gators Highlight for WAR

Trim-Tex adds Gladstone to Their Team

2016 = 4 Championships, BAMF for DME

Championship, Wins, Records for McKinney Motorsports

Gladstone and San Marino are Racing Full-Time in 2017

NHDRO Champ, Top of the G.O.A.T List—Paquette Looks Back on Successful ‘16

John Hall gets Early Start to 2017

Competition or Cancer, Ellis and Pippin Winning Against “The Big C”

Savoie #1 on Day 1 at zMAX

Joey Gladstone’s U.S. Nationals Weekend

Savoie Defending U.S. Nats Title From #2

More 5s, Another Win for Vantine

Hot Paquette Takes Streak to Muggy Memphis

DME Tames Tricky MDIR

Ellis Packing Pippin Power in Norwalk

Savoie’s Summernationals Springboard

That .70s Show for DME

Another all-RS Motorsports Final to Teasley

Van Hook Pitching in with Ellis/Pippin

Vantine’s 5.77 Amongst World’s Quickest

3x5=a Great Weekend for Vantine

DME Shatters World Record—AGAIN!

DME Pro Street Three-peat

Paquette and Yoder Dominate NHDRO Finals

Mummert/Gadson WIN Maryland, run 6.89 at Indy

Gladstone/DME set All-Motor Real Street Record

Teasley Takes all-RS Motorsports Final

Norwalk One That Got Away for Ellis & Pippin

D.M.E. Racing Powered by TEAM Work

Ellis and Pippin Take #1 Performance to Norwalk

From Dinner to Winner! RS Motorsports Qualifies #1 and Wins at MDIR

DME Shatters Pro Street Records

DME Ready to Take on the 2015 Season

Paquette Racing Winning With & Without Bars

MPS/Thyen Wins Man Cup Pro Comp Championship

Vantine Runner-Ups in Valdosta

Owens takes All-McKinney Man Cup Final

DME Obliterates World Records

Vantine/Pollard take MIROCK Top Fuel Match Race Championship

DME Owns the Battle Royale

RS Motorsports Own the Finals

Another all-DME Pro Street final at Atco

DME Sizzles in Mid Summer Heat


MPS/Thyen Racing Qualifies #1 and Resets Quickest Hayabusa Mark

Teasley, RS Motorsports win Real Street and More at MIR

HTP back in Winners Circle with Danny Cox

Two Weeks of Dragbike Dominance for Larry "Spiderman" McBride

MPS/Thyen Racing Scores Another Runner Up

MPS/Thyen Racing #1 Qualifier At Motec/HTP East Coast Cup

Johnny Balls “Best of the Rest” Heading into E-town

Gladstone Wins all-DME Final

MPS/Thyen Racing Races To Runner Up Finish At Exoticycle Spring Cup

DME Breaking Records & Winning Races

Ashley Owens Back in the Winners Circle

Vantine’s Explosive Valdosta Weekend

DME Locks Out Top 4 Spots at The Rock

John Hall Races to the Semis at the Gators

RS Motorsports caps 2013 with Wins and Championships

Two Championships Cap Off DME’s Best Year Ever

Teasley and RS Motorsports Back on Top in Real Street

DME’s Terence Angela talks about his Battle Royale WIN!

McKinney Takes 2nd Straight ADRL Championship

Pippin's Weekend Pink but not Rosy

Teasley and RS Motorsports Back on Top in Real Street

Vantine Qualifies #1, Races Deep at The Rock

Pippin Back in Pink for Charlotte

John Hall WINS all MSR/Viper Indy Final!

Savoie’s WAR team regroups, tops Indy testing

Indy Pro Street win prepares Gladstone and DME for Battle Royale

Vantine’s Top Fuel Debut a Good One

John Hall semis at Norwalk

John Hall WINS New England!

Gladstone takes all-DME Pro Street final

MPS/Thyen Racing pack for VMP

DME bring their MPH record act back to MIR

Teasley and RS Motorsports take MIR win to The Rock

Gladstone/DME Take Second Straight at 213 MPH!

6 and a Win for Gladstone and DME

No Joke Racing takes 2 at The Rock

MPS/Thyen Racing Get First Win!

MPS/Thyen Racing Pro Mod

Rookie Savoie is Sixth and Climbing Heading to Englishtown

HTP’s 7.12 a 2010 Highlight, Looking Forward to 2011

Schweigert Wins Round 1 in Qatar

Canadian Schweigert Racing to Qatar

Dominant Season for Teasley, Adams Performance and Kawasaki

Schweigert Chases Owens into Battle

Adams Performance Takes Four Wins in Maryland

Teasley and Adams Performance in the Crosshairs

All-Adams Performance Kawasaki Real Street Final

Schnitz is Back and HTP’s Got Him!

Karey “Firestarter” McGee:
From Hospital to The Final Round