2011 International Motorsports Industry Show, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

When it's cold outside, go indoors


photos and words by Tim Hailey

Lucas Oil's Don Corsette and red hot driver Leah Pruett ponder how rumors get started...is that a check she's holding??

What to do on a December day in Indiana? Go to the International Motorsports Industry Show in Indianapolis, of course. It's indoors after all, and there's lots of cool shit around and cool people hawking it. Here's a brief photo tour.

The MavTV girls kiss the birdie

R2B2 driver Pruett and Chip Ellis talk about trading rides one day

Entry level? 715 horsepower?

Del Flores and CP/Carillo's Cindy Verkooij and Snake Calvert

These girls promise to help me install this Jasper engine in my Astro Van after I win it on Saturday

QRC kingpins Rob Flynn and Mike Guger still aren't sure there are bikini girls in Maryland

Blake Ritter decides if his whole head will fit inside this Precision Turbo

Walt Timblin and Charlie "Runaway Blade" Prophit with Charlie 's bike in the Kenny' Components booth

Andrew and Matt Hines...checking out a sprint car chassis??

Cameron Evans and Kelly Kerrigan of Red Line Oil

"That's Daddy's juice!" PA sprint car legend Kramer Williamson channels Richie B.


LORP dragstrip manager Jason Wurtzel cleans up nice

Noonan! Good to see John back in action after his land speed run crash. Here he is with Wössner co-worker Alex Russell

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