event: Pre-Season Grudgefest
March 24, 2012
where: Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, North Carolina, USA

Rain fails to cool Grudgefest Hot Heads


story, video and photos by Tim Hailey

A mid afternoon shower slowed the Pre-Season Grudgefest at Rockingham Dragway, then a 9pm shower ended it. But before that it was a hustler's "Who's Who," mostly everybody arguing about who came to race and who didn't (video on the way) . I saw tuners and riders I hadn't seen in years, all drawn to The Rock by Dano McGee's free-form, all-into-night grudge racing format, and perhaps drawn by the previous week's tale of a Big Chips race. Grudgefest 4 is goin' down at The Rock September 15, and there may be a lil' sumpin' in the works for Valdosta, too...


"Eddie Kane" at the hit

Who bears more of a grudge than these guys? Former Pro Mod combatants Joe Franco and Billy Vose

Gangsta Lean

Gary "NCTwin" Purnell and Richard Gadson

How much that hair weigh?

My new lightweight rider...this kid gonna make some NOISE!

MsPlainnasty and the MSwhiteboys hanging on the rail

Former "No Loot" rider and "St. Louis Chaos" DVD superstar Lil' Fred

Caleb burns out "Biohazard" through the Grudgefest gauntlet

Eye Candy!

MORE PHOTOS from the Grudgefest

earlier: Grudgefest Heatin' up!

"I want YOU!"....Keith Dennis is calling you out

"I'll give you a Black & Mild if you show me your rack..."

"What? Give YOU the break?" Dre and Cecil talk it over

Priceless Inc. shakin' it down

I...I...I don't even know what to caption this photo of Billy Vose...

MORE PHOTOS from the Grudgefest

Jeremy Teasley, HTP Performance, CJ400, Alex Bud Light, Possum Racing and more all here and shakin' down. The sun is out, races are lockin' in and my camera's comin' out of the bag, so look out!


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Hotel: Comfort Inn Pinehurst

Ask for the "The Big Bike Grudge Fest" rate and treat yourself right at a sweet hotel with a hot bar / late night restaurant right next door!
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