2012 International Motorsports Industry Show, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

IMIS Photo Highlights


photos and words by Tim Hailey

Cindy Verkooij and RC of CP/Carillo showing off their line. MORE PHOTOS

Hector Arana Jr and Sr along with the new racer in the family, Adam, and Charles Gordon of Lucas Oil

John and Chris Alwine just can't wait to get their new Top Fuel motorcycle together. MORE PHOTOS

There's a Mac McAdams T-shirt in there somewhere. MORE PHOTOS

Ralph Shaheen interviews Lord of the Land and King of all things Safety, Bill Simpson. MORE PHOTOS

NHRA scribe Brad Littlefield with a full-Blown halo. MORE PHOTOS


It's true—ladies (in this case Brownsburg's Annisa Rainey) love Larry Dixon. MORE PHOTOS

Johnny Nicotra's badass Oswego champion Modified was the most popular display vehicle at IMIS.

Lucas Oil's Don Corsette and a show floor hottie. MORE PHOTOS

EatmyinkHQ neighbor Cam Cobb of Bald Spot Sports shows off one of their child safety seats.

Maybe I should trade the Astro in on a new Benz? MORE PHOTOS

...or this Copo Convertible? MORE PHOTOS