Shakedown Nationals, Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ, USA, Oct. 12-14, 2012

Tight at the Top!

Small Shakedown field IS übercompetitive

story, video and photos by Tim Hailey


Joey Gladstone treed Jeremy Teasley but that Ronnie Mitchell "Rizzo" power drove around. Photo Gallery

Jeremy Teasley led E1 with a 7.01 on Rizzo, then went 6.97 in the semi and the final. Photo Gallery



Final qualifying

This turbo '57 cocks it sideways out of the water box

As if to cross the T's and dot the I's on what today has been like, that's 2X NHRA champ Eddie Krawiec literally slapping the tree to get it to work, then standing there as the tree came down and a pair of wicked squirrelly Pro Mod cars launched past him. This followed a many hours delay in the heart of the day to fix a computer problem. I hate to say anything askew about beloved Raceway Park, but I'd been hearing that the facility hasn't been kept up lately, and what I'm seeing here might make me believe it's true. That being said, Eddie and everyone involved with the Shakedown has been working their asses off to provide a great track. The cars are making awesome passes. Photo Gallery


My main man Hans Pierre shot this of Paul Major's crash on Friday night

DME brought their cold weather tune-up and has Joey Gladstone on pole so far with a 7.12 at 210mph

The windscreen still says "Bud Yoder," but Jeremy Teasley is filling in on Ronnie Mitchell's "Rizzo" at the Shakedown while Bud attends his lovely daughter's big Homecoming Queen moment. Teasley is second with a 7.14 at 207. Photo Gallery

Ryan Schnitz is fourth with a 7.310, 2/1000ths behind his HTP Performance teammate Danny Cox

Joe Franco Jr. is in the saddle of Brad Mummert's Old School Suzuki at E-town. This seat has seen a Who's Who of drag racing stars over its long, quick history. Photo Gallery

Shakedown Bikes photo gallery