2013 Motorcycle Dealer Expo in Indianapolis

Big Time at a slim Dealer Expo

photos and captions by Tim Hailey


Joey Gladstone and Larry McBride...which one of these just told the other he was gonna kick his ass?

Crowds gather for a taste of Brock's Performance girl Heather and her "Christine" posters. MORE PHOTOS

McBride, Ray Price and HTP's Cecil Towner. MORE PHOTOS

Web Cam girls! Debbie and Laurie snuggle up in the booth. MORE PHOTOS

McBride and CP-Carillo's Cindy Verkooij. MORE PHOTOS

There it is ladies and gentlemen, the brand new Vance & Hines Pro Stock/Pro Mod Suzuki crank.

Dimey Eddinger manning the DME micro-booth, stuffed full of beautifullly engineered kit. MORE PHOTOS

Rickey Gadson loves his new "King of the Streets" helmets made by Speed & Strength. MORE PHOTOS

JRI's Tim Godshall and staff in their shocking booth! MORE PHOTOS

Nicky Hayden's Ducati has my name on it! MORE PHOTOS

The growing Kibblewhite staff is gonna need a larger booth! MORE PHOTOS

Is this Kibblewhite customer explaining proper valve sealing to KPMI's Mike Perry. MORE PHOTOS

The camera's not sure where to focus on this old school beauty. MORE PHOTOS

A fabulous Japanese dinner with McBride, Web Cam, and WPC Coatings' Izumi Ogawa. MORE PHOTOS

Speaking of beauties, Road Bike's Yoichi Tsukioka and racer Masa Yokota flank charmer Kristen Holden

Former Bristol track manager Ben Knight enjoying his new job with Brock's Performance. MORE PHOTOS