2013 Mardi Gras All-Bike Shootout, State Capitol Raceway, Bato Rouge, Louisiana USA

Big Time on the Bayou

photos and captions by Tim Hailey


Greg Harwood, Eric Hart and Shelbi Lynne looking mean! MORE PHOTOS

Always looking for a good time in Louisiana, I jumped at the chance to cover Jarion "Big J" Clayton and Christopher "Banshee Lover" Mark's Mardi Gras All-Bike Shootout at State Capitol Raceway just outside of Baton Rouge. Despite an iffy weather forecast, the pit was packed with trailers when I arrived and the walls were lined with spectators as the sun went down. The grudge game was well represented and class wins went to Buddy Pravada (Street ET), Joey Caffery (Heavy Hitters), and Jordan Broussand (Jr. Dragster). Look over the photos while I prepare ye a video....

Keith Dennis ain't no cheetah, but his bike might be...the Jockey at work. MORE PHOTOS

Richard Gadson was making laps on Katrina (above), Sandy, and other bikes. MORE PHOTOS

Mayo on his clean Kawasaki. He battled words with Chachi all night long. MORE PHOTOS

This is never good...I was shooting the other lane when Rodney Williams Sr. and his motorcycle went flipping past me through the air and over my head...He was fine and the bike wasn't too bad either. MORE PHOTOS

Marlon! He was gone, and now he's back...can Lulu III be far behind? MORE PHOTOS