2013 PRI show in Indianapolis

PRI Back Home in Indiana

photos and captions by Tim Hailey


DME and new sponsor DCE showed off trick new pieces on the new DME 'Busa

RC and Snake showed off CP/Carillo's best wares

3X NHRA champ Eddie Krawiec flanked by Worldwide Bearings' Big and Lil' Dave Conforti

The Traction Twins' secret? PJ1 prep. You can also get PJ1 quality products for your bike

Chris Hand negotiates painting the Redneck Express lime green with the Go Puck girls

Then again, Chris thinks the Honda IndyCar engine would look good in his red bike

Brad Littlefield assures Chris they can make a blower for any engine Chris chooses

Virgie Miller assures Chris that her husband Bill can build a rod strong enough for the Honda to support the additional boost of the Littlefield blower. Shortly aftre this photo was taken, Bill threw the three of us out of the booth for being too rowdy. No joke.

All I want for Christmas is a red headed Santa like this one

The Aranas—Hector Jr, Adam, and Hector Sr—checkingout transmissions

Hector likes having WPC's Izumi Ogawa treat his parts before he beats on them

WPC's Izumi Ogawa and the 1999 Jaques Villeneuve BAR F1 car

Fine diners and finer valvetrain builders Jacob Harrigton and Will Kibblewhite

The beautiful jewel-like, new Hayabusa-based Top Fuel motor of John Alwine

Most of the Alwines and Korry Hogan wingman Charlie pose with the new bike

WMDRA's Sandra Alberti seems to think Hogan's lost his marbles

Maybe Chris and John Alwine agree with Alberti...are they interviewing Ben Knight??

Larry McBride says "Hold on a moment...my new bike's not done yet...maybe I need a ride"

And who gets the last laugh but Tony Lang, who finds the new bike fits him just fine. This photo courtesy of Chris Hand

VP Fuel's Jim Kelly talks biz with MIR's Royce Miller

Good to see Paul Candies' memory kept alive

"What's up fellas"...is Ray Golson interviewing dragbike.com's Brandi Neithamer for his next Hump Day e-blast?

NHDRO regulars Chris Cutsinger and Will Rush cruising the aisles

Dave Schnitz shilling for Ed Grothus

John Noonan hanging with Top Fuel big boys McBride, Ian King, and Chris Hand

Ray Barton's Hemis never looked so good as they do next to sweet Tiffany

Bud Yoder, Mark Paquette, Tracy Slemker, Tiffany Kuhn and Terry McIntosh

And back near where we began, McBride and the Aranas visit the action spot—the WWB booth