event: Round 4 of the ACU Championships, Open Sports Nationals
where: Shakespeare County Raceway, UK

Till you have drenched our steeples,

drowned the cocks!

Round 4 of the ACU Championships rain soaked again!

story and photos by Steven Moxley


Yet again, rain eliminated eliminations in the fourth round of the ACU Championships, just like two of the previous three rounds. The race was called at 11:00am Bank Holiday Monday, with rain forecast for the rest of the day. Saturday saw a session and a half completed of a scheduled three qualifying sessions. Sunday was the best day and three sessions were completed.


Dave Peters

Dave Peters damaged his gearbox on Saturday, then changed the motor for Sunday and ran his personal best of 7.252 at 180.40 mph for number one spot in Funnybike. Points leader Gary Jones was next with a 7.424 at 179.71. Dale Leeks only ran on Saturday, recording a 7.740-169.46. Lorcan Parnell was over powering the track all weekend, and on his final qualifying run had a con-rod let go at mid-track and ran 8.221 at 114.74. Jiri Lukes ran a personal best 166.97 speed on Saturday, and on Sunday he qualified with 8.400 at 163.67. Harold Wolfenden had some clutch issues, damaged his gearbox on Saturday, and was out of the show with a 9.583-121.84.

Jiri Lukes

Pete Le Gros

Pete Le Gros debuted his new nitro burning V Twin, with a Bill Furr frame and powered by 120 cubic inch motor built by Johnny Vickers. Former fuel bike rider (and Tim Hailey bedmate) Ian Turburville helped Le Gros over the weekend as they tried to find a fuel and clutch set-up for the high gear only machine. Having to do observed runs to get his license, Le Gros ran a best of 9.608 with a best speed of 129mph.

Comp Bike

Phil Crossley

Phil Crossley has found some good form recently, and at the Open Sports Nationals he ran best ever figures of 7.532 at 172.29 mph to top the Pro Comp field in qualifying. Points leader Allan Davies was over three tenths behind Crossley with a 7.868-171.79.

Paul Hambridge

Paul Hambridge had his best outing for a while with back-to-back 8.0 second passes, with a best of 8.085 at 173.68. Speed King Kevin Osman changed from a street tyre to a slick for this event and ran 8.096 with a personal best of 187.38—yet again top speed of the meet. Tony Clark was still lacking top end power and qualified with a best of 8.281-160.30. Steve Moor was still having issues and managed a time of 9.894-135.36.

Super Street Bike

Graham Balchin

Steve Venables rode his old bike at this event and qualified in number 1 spot for Super Street Bike with a 7.354 at 193.82 mph. That put him ahead of teammate Graham Balchin, who had a busy time leading up to this event rebuilding his motor from when it was damaged in Hockenheim. With a new Owens turbocharger bolted on he qualified with 7.430 at 192.41. 

Dave "Not the Wendy's Founder" Thomas

Chris Reed was another rider rebuilding motors and managed to run a best of 8.243 at 177.58. Dave Thomas is still getting comfortable with his bike after a huge wheelie at this track earlier in the year and qualified with a 8.407-176.43. 

Dave Ward on what is apparently an ex-Barry Henson bike

Another rider doing observed runs was newcomer Dave Ward, who has attended RWYB meetings. He bought this bike from Ray Debben, which was in bits in Debben’s workshop. It was originally a Barry Henson bike sold to an Italian team and tended up at Debben’s. Ward rebuilt the bike and ran a best 8.434 with a p/b speed of 179mph to earn his license.

NAST Round 4

Steve Moor

It was a one shot qualifier at the Ladies that Launch meeting, due to the rain washing out the qualifying day.


Reigning Gas champion Joe Elliott was number 1 qualifier with a 9.35 and faced Robbie Dobbie in the final. Dobbie had shift problems so Elliott took the win and extend his points lead in the series.

ET Bracket

ET Bracket championship leader Keiran Govender was the number 1 qualifier, followed by Simon Clamp—making his first appearance of the season. 

Best race of the day saw Clamp beat Brett Cordelle by .011 at the finishline in the semifinals. Govender then extended his points lead when he beat Clamp in the final.

NAST Round 5

Terry Green

Terry Green ran a personal best ET of 9.227 at 140.83, but in the last qualifying session he damaged the piston on the front cylinder. 

Dave Smart

Former NAST Gas and ET Bracket champion Dave Smart debuted the new Buell of Nigel Batsford. It is the first time that Smart has ridden a slick and wheelie bar set-up and suffered launch problems over the weekend, running best figures of 9.781at 134.57. 

Chris Mott

Robbie Dobbie was next with a 10.164 at 136.54. Chris Mott debuted his new bike and had one or two little issues and was on the bump spot with a 10.326-135.56.

ET Bracket

Keiran Govender again led the ET Bracket field during qualifying with 13.407 on a 13.40 dial-in. Brett Cordelle was the nearest challenger with 10.649 (10.60). Reigning Champion Peter Harrison was back out again after missing the last round and ran 10.941 (10.85).

Fiona Moor recorded the first-ever perfect reaction time of .000 in history of the NAST ET Bracket class. She qualified with a 12.633 (12.50). 

Giselle Moor (near lane) and Fiona Moor

Giselle Moor appears to have dropped her Buell down from a big wheelie here

Giselle Moor debuted her new bike, the ex-Nigel Batsford orange Buell that Chris Mott rode last season. She has run a 9 second pass in testing but qualified for the Open Sports Nationals with an 11.649 (11.40).

Congratulations to the following APIRA Champions

Funnybike—Gary Jones
Comp Bike—Allan Davies
Super Street Bike—Graham Balchin