2014 PRI show in Indianapolis

Smiles all around at PRI

photos and captions by Tim Hailey


Some say Morgan Lucas will be driving this nostalgia Funny Car, but he might have to fight his way past Hector Arana and Dan Gonzalez for the chance


Dave Conforti and Animal Jim Feuer in the Worldwide Bearings booth MORE PRI PHOTOS

The CP-Carillo team was full-on busy in their spectacular booth MORE PRI PHOTOS


Conforti, Ben "The Hardest Working Man in Motorcycle Drag Racing" Knight, and The Stig

Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Doug Boles always seems to get his picture on Eatmyink

Electromotive's Uwe Schuettler had the Eric Paquette's DAS 'Busa in the booth...


...while Paquette and wife Marsha cruised the aisles MORE PRI PHOTOS

Rockingham Dragway's Steve Earwood flanked by Drag Racing school icon Frank Hawley and his wife Lana

Justin Doucet, Nicole Cox and David Broyles with XS Power's Byron Young and Chris Miller

PJ1's PJ Harvey with Traction Twins Cale and Cody Crispe flanking their dad Larry. They's sharing booth space with their trick new track sprayer


Haltech's Eric Gash and MDIR's Jason Miller flank Jason's better half Angela Richards

Midwestern Pro Street studs Mike "Kavos" Kovacevich, Phil Stoll, Mike Bayes, and Chris Schmidt

Nitro thugs Bob "Opie" Malloy and Sam Wills hover over Boninfante's best MORE PHOTOS

Mike Mullany, Tom Patsis, Eddie Krawiec and Amanda Patsis crowd Tom's crazy bike

Web Cam's Melissa Martinez and Laurie Dunlap put the squeeze on Conforti... MORE


...while Greg Russell and Ray Golsone get to cuddle with ALL the Web Cam girls


Superstar racing artist Russell with his favorite piece ever MORE PRI PHOTOS

Hipster Skipster Hughes wearing his heart on his calves MORE PRI PHOTOS

Kent Stotz and Steve Nichols flank Frankie's Honda in Nichols' Dyno Dynamics booth

Nitro studs JR Todd and Del Worsham chilling in the Boninfante booth MORE PHOTOS


Larry McBride, Conforti, Arana and Adam Arana in front of a damn good picture of Larry

Quicktime Racing and the Deshongs in the always hoppin' Wossner booth MORE PHOTOS

The entire Worldwide Bearings crew jamming the booth MORE PRI PHOTOS

And there she is, sight for sore eyes "Miss Painless" MORE PRI PHOTOS