event: 2015 Dragstalgia
where: Santa Pod Raceway, UK

Dragstalgia at Santa Pod Raceway

story and photos by Steven Moxley


Ian Messenger spent two weeks cleaning and polishing "Pegasus" ready for the event

Two iconic fuel bikes from the past headlined the 2015 Dragstalgia at Santa Pod Raceway. First, the double-engine Norton of Team Pegasus, ridden by Ian Messenger and Derek Chinn. Also the “Hogslayer” double-engine Norton of TC Christenson. Both bikes are normally on show at the National Motorcycle Museum but were displayed in the historic marquee at Santa Pod. Ian Messenger spent two weeks cleaning and polishing "Pegasus" ready for the event.

The “Hogslayer” double-engine Norton of TC Christenson


The weather was glorious on Friday and Saturday and a big crowd attended the event. Sunday at lunchtime, rain fell and brought the meeting to a close.

John Hobbs on the “Hobbit” 

There was a double celebration for UK legend John Hobbs. It was his fiftieth year of racing and the fortieth year riding the “Hobbit.”  The only other rider to have ridden the “Hobbit” was Jonny Munn, and he flew in from Australia to ride the bike once again.

When the first Dragstalgia event took place, there were only a handful of bikes. Since then, more and more bikes are getting restored and 16 bikes entered this year’s NSA Shootout.

Colin Fallows was riding the ex-Mick Butler Super Cyclops

Jeff Byne rode his double-engine,1500cc Triumph

Ray Law ran his best for a while with a 10.112 on his 1000cc Triumph

Pip Higham damaged a crankshaft on the ex-Steve Tong Orient Express.

Martin Wilmott ran in the 9 seconds bracket...when the building wasn't in his way....

There were three generations of the Norman family at Dragstalgia: Dennis “Stormin” Norman, son Gary, and grandson Matthew—who rode his grandfather’s bike

Dennis “Stormin” Norman's Norton

Jan Honee

Jan Honee last rode his single cylinder 500cc Jawa motor 19 years ago in the States, running a personal best then of 8.19 on 100% nitro. Ian King’s crew-chief Marius Van Der Zijden had rebuilt the bike for this event.  Honee had some clutch issues and ran 9.32 on 94% nitro.

Hobbs and Munn raced each other with Hobbs on “Olympus” and Munn on the “Hobbit.”

Sunday morning, Hobbs and Munn raced each other with Hobbs on “Olympus” and Munn on the “Hobbit.” Hobbs, who’d run a p/b of 10.43 on the new set up on Saturday, put a holeshot on Munn, who then powered around at ¾ track to take the winlight with a 9.243 at 142mph to Hobbs’ 10.664-125mph.

Hobbs on “Olympus”

Hobbs and Munn

The NSA Shootout final didn’t take place due to the rain. Hobbs was awarded the winner’s trophy after running low ET of the meeting with a 8.83 riding the “Hobbit.” Runner-up was Justin Newell on his Triumph-powered "Hagon."

Justin Newell on "Hagon" (near lane) and DaveClee on "Shotgun"

Matthew Norman

Nick Pepper

There were a few new slingshots at the event. Bill Sherratt's car was built for the cacklefest.

Jon Webster’s gorgeous dragster took a beating

Jon Webster’s first pass didn’t go to plan. When he left the line the car went into a wheelstand. The car touched the wall and Webster was checked out at the medical centre. 

Eatmyink bedmate Ian Turburville's “Beach Bomb”

Ian Turburville debuted his “Beach Bomb” slingshot dragster. The front wing looks like a piece of wood (a stunning paintjob) and he pulled a big wheelie on his first pass. Tony Betts ran his ‘34 Coupe to a jaw dropping 8.111 at 166.65 mph. The Fuel Altereds of Clive Mechaell (ran 7.19) and the Draper Brothers put on a good show for the crowd with their smoky burnouts, as did Wayne Allman with his VW Split Screen that ran a p/b speed of 182 mph.

Wayne Allman with his VW Split Screen ran a p/b speed of 182 mph

Jim Draper

Saturday at the end of the day saw the cacklefest and a couple of fire burnouts.

Fire burnout!

Rumour around the pits is the Brachtvogel Brothers are to restore their Quarter Scorcher 3 fuel bike for next year’s Dragstalgia.

Graham Martin

Chris Hillman and Colin Jeffries go sidecar-style

Editor Hailey is not quite sure what to make of Clive Waye's machine