event: 2015 ACU Championships Round 4, Hillingdon Speed and Spares Open Sports Nationals
Shakespeare County Raceway, UK

"Hither to tell you,

circumstances shortened"

Rain shuts down Open Sports Nationals at Shakespeare

story and photos by Steven Moxley


Rain disrupted the running of the Hillingdon Speed and Spares Open Sports Nationals—round 4 of the ACU Championships at Shakespeare County Raceway. Only Saturday saw a full day’s action over the Bank Holiday weekend. Sunday morning the first two hours then rain fell heavy at one point during the afternoon. On race day morning, a decision was made with more rain forecast to call the event.

Funny Bike

Funny Bike Champ Dave Peters and crew

Dave Peters extended his points lead in Funny Bike after suffering handling problems on his final run. With a new rear tyre fitted, Peters ran 7.480 at 177.33 to top the field. 

Len Paget was testing his Pro Stock Bike for the following weekend’s European Finals meeting at Santa Pod. Paget has built a 1640cc four-valve motor, he normally uses a two-valve motor. He ran 7.506 at 181.36, but on a slower run he recorded a faster speed of 182.16mph—which is about 7 mph faster than he has run recently with the two-valve motor. 


Allan Davies

Allan Davies fitted a different cylinder head and bigger carbs to his 1428cc motor. A cylinder head stud broke after Davies ran his best time at Shakespeare County of 7.598, with a personal best speed of 178.70 mph. 

Pete Le Gros has finally got all his parts for his fuel system and was rewarded with personal best figures of 8.246 at 171.71. He is now starting to programme the system and is hoping for quicker and faster times and speed in the next round of competition. 

Phil Crossley's new Funny Bike

Phil Crossley made the debut of his new self-built Funny Bike with the motor and transmission out of the old bike. Crossley did some checkout passes without nitrous, running 8.651 at 137.31 and then had a problem with the nitrous system. 

Dave Buttery had clutch issue (springs) and also a gear shift problem, which he had second gear only after the launch, and ran 8.693-115.54. 


Nick Daniels had his small motor in the frame of the bike and changed the set-up, running 9.959-147.99.

With the meeting called, Dave Peters has won the APIRA Funny Bike Championship (Club)—his first major title in 20 years of drag racing.

Comp Bike

Comp Bike #1 qualifier Dave Smart and crew

Dave Smart ran personal best figures of 7.866 at 183.11 to be number 1 qualifier in Comp Bike. He changed the clutch for raceday because he has struggled in the first 60 feet. 

Points leader Kevin Osman was next with a 7.874-188.04—Comp Bike top speed of the meet. Mick Winyard did some testing on Saturday and then went back to his normal set-up and qualified with a 7.949 at 182.06. Eddy Smiley struggled with traction problems on the second 1/8 and ran 8.141-165.33.

Sean Mills damaged a clutch and had a late night on Saturday changing the transmission from three speed to four speed. He was going to try a new set-up, until the rain came down. He was qualified with a 9.436-107.30. 

Phil Leamon broke a cam chain on his first pass and was out of the show.

Mick Winyard is the APIRA Comp Bike Champion.

Super Street Bike

Super Street Bike Champ Alex Hope

Having just returned from Tierp in Sweden—where he was runner-up to Rick Stubbins—Alex Hope just edged Graham Dance for the number one qualifying spot with a 7.633 at 183.67. Dance, who was testing for the European Finals ran, 7.639-172.92. He did record the fastest speed of the weekend with a 191.25. 


Graham Dance

Apparently, Chris Reed's been changing tutus more often than rear tires!

Chris Reed had traction problems and made a lot of changes, including fitting a new rear tyre (the old tyre was four years old!) and ran 7.944 at 188.81. Sam Sykes was back in the class for this meeting and ran 8.401-167.50. Newcomer Mark Hope had having teething problems and ran 9.004-157.73. Roger Simmons did some testing with his bike and ran a best of 9.091-162.68.


Sam Sykes

Alex Hope is the APIRA Super Street Bike Champion.

Mark Hope