2015 PRI show in Indianapolis

Another Huge PRI :

State of the Racing Nation is SOUND

photos and captions by Tim Hailey


DME in the DCE booth once again. DCE's Jason Morgan with Joey Gladstone, Andy Sawyer, Dimey Eddinger and "Black Betty"


Doug Gall and his new ride in the Wossner booth MORE PRI PHOTOS

Montgomery Motorsports' Tracy Slemker and MPS' Dan Rudd walking the aisles


Tommy Bolton with RC Canning, Richard Batchelor, and Ed Urcis of CP-Carillo

Brad Mummert might have been a little peeved that his rider Richard Gadson chose to grudge race in Florida rather than represent at PRI. Veteran rider Marco Andreano sensed an opportunity for a comeback and got chummy with Mummert and comfortable on the bike....

Mike Mullaney and Blake Ritter of Vance & Hines along with an adorable tiny woman who seems the perfect size to race motorcycles


Kibblewhite's Mike Perry and Matt Rice flanked by Man Cup's Jay Regan and Dave Schnitz

Xtrac's Alex Heard showing off his gearboxes MORE PRI PHOTOS

Indy mayor Greg Ballard, driver Pipa Mann and MIA's Chris Aylett at the annual MIA gathering

Kenny Koldspaek and the trick, Web Cam-fitted, Crossley Kawasaki MORE PRI PHOTOS


PJ Harvey with track prep gurus Larry and Cale Crispe in the PJ1 booth MORE PHOTOS

This girl positively squealed every time her RC car moved MORE PRI PHOTOS

Ben Knight, Larry McBride, and the lovely Web Cam girls MORE PRI PHOTOS

Is Phill Davis really developing a set of disposable wooden cylinder heads? MORE PHOTOS

Peter "Buddy" Mandas can't hide the admiration he feels for Dave Conforti and the work he does at Worldwide Bearings

John Noonan and Wossner owner Toby


MDIR's Jason and Chris Miller with VP Fuel's Jason Rueckert and Kyla Lachat

Weld Wheels rep/West Coast Kawasaki drag racing kingpin Glenn Merchant shows off Austin Prock's car

The PRI show is huge, but the firemen's equipment show is even bigger. As a retired fireman, chassis guru Ed Grothus has attended both

Stock car driver Molly Helmuth and her D-A Lubricants posse MORE PRI PHOTOS

Ebony and Ivory! Tommy Bolton and Brian Wood taking a load off in the CP-Carillo booth

Andy Simon Jr and Sr chatting up David Conforti MORE PRI PHOTOS

Shannon Clem, Money Mike Studebaker and their OSR posse check out the CP-Carillo booth

South African spark plug Brad Anassis, MPS mogul Dan Rudd, and MTC's Eric Hochstetler in the Portable Shade booth

Did Kayla DeShong dye her hair to match Doug Gall's bike? Husband Bill likes her hair any color she wants it

Bolton and RC Components' Rick Ball MORE PRI PHOTOS

Brad Mummert's GS, Mac and Lisa McAdams, and the Worldwide Bearings crew, booth #110


John Noonan, Rudy Sanzottera and Shane Stubbs in the Wossner Booth #231

Chip Ellis, Steve Nichols and Kent Stotz in Nichols' Dyno Dynamics booth MORE PHOTOS

Cold Hard Art's Tom Patsis and Worldwide Bearings scion David Conforti MORE PHOTOS

There's something about the photo of Hot Rod Chrissy that I find especially appealing....

Amanda Patsis and internet talent scout Ray Golson in the WWB booth while Greg Russell photobombs from the rear

Ellis with Diamond Bar Choppers' Bob Laguardia MORE PRI PHOTOS

John Alwine (left) with Ken Tyger of Brad Penn Lubricants MORE PRI PHOTOS

WPC's Izumi Ogawa and CP-Carillio's Marie Calvert MORE PRI PHOTOS


Custom earplug guru L. Dawn Finn in her Ear Everything booth MORE PRI PHOTOS

Rickie Smith (center) poses with IDG's Joe McDermott (left) and David Peachey

Racecar Engineering mag's Deb Atkerson, DSR's Mike Lewis, Race Engine Technology's Anne Proffit and the MIA event