2015 V-Twin show in Cincinnati

V-Twin Expo Pours the Suds

photos and captions by Tim Hailey brought to you by Kibblewhite

Brock Davidson with Dave and Jody Perewitz showing off their new Dyna modifications that take the ill-handling stock bike and Brockicize it


But this is the coolest thing Brock had at the show—it's a hanger, and a fan.....let me say that again—it's a hanger, and a fan....no more wet-on-the-inside leathers!

Kibblewhite's Mike Perry showing off some new wares. Find out more about these parts here


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Rush Racing's Terry and Adam Daniel MORE V-TWIN EXPO PHOTOS

Brock and BST's Gary Turner showing the Cruiser crowd their wares MORE PHOTOS


Sandra Alberti's sidekick George Farrell (right) and his buddy Eddie McAvoy PHOTOS

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Kibblewhite's Perry and new hire Brian Slavin in the booth MORE V-TWIN EXPO PHOTOS

Former John Hammock/Mike Lozano wrenchman Kurt Matte and wife Rachel MORE


Bartender LaBron dishing out the beers. There's A LOT more free beer at the V-Twin expo than most other trade shows I've attended

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Terry Vance (right) and some guys MORE V-TWIN EXPO PHOTOS