event: 2016 Dragstalgia
where: Santa Pod Raceway, UK

Dragstalgia 2016 at Santa Pod Raceway

story and photos by Steven Moxley


Randy Bradford and his fast Fiat

Two legendary American Fuel Altereds headlined the 2016 Dragstalgia event at Santa Pod Raceway—Ron Hope in Rat Trap and Randy Bradford in his Fiat Topolino—both celebrating 50 years of racing.

Ron Hope in Rat Trap

Big crowds turned out for Saturday and Sunday and enjoyed a superb meeting in the California-esque weather. Bob Muravez and Tom Hoover did some autograph signings in the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame marquee and there was even a Spitfire flypast over the track. 


John Hobbs putting some body English into The Hobbit

N.S.A Shootout had a good entry, with John Hobbs winning the shootout on his double engine Weslake “The Hobbit.” He had a time of 8.98 at 145mph against Martin Wilmott on a blown 500cc Triumph, whose blower broke at mid-track. Wilmott had run a superb 9.375-149 mph on an earlier run. 

Martin Wilmott

Jan Honee

Holland’s Jan Honee was hoping to run an 8 second pass, but suffered blower belt problems at mid-track on his Jawa 500cc.  On his last pass he ran 9.07-145.

Ray Law

Two bikes made their passes down the track for the first time in over thirty years. The Pegasus double engine Norton team of Derek Chinn and Ian Messenger had the bike on display on Friday, then worked on the bike to fire it up and Chinn rode it down the track on Sunday. 

Gary Norman rode the double engine Norton

Gary Norman, son of Dennis (Stormin’) Norman, rode the double engine Norton on Sunday (after help from Hilborn with parts and info for the fuel system) 38 years after Dennis last rode it.


The only down side was on Friday when Pip Higham parted company from the Orient Express Funny Bike at 150 feet. He got checked out and was back at the track the next day.

Joe Bond

Joe Bond won the first Slingshot Showdown and ran a personal best of 6.69. Bond beat Jon Webster’s stunning slingshot in the final.

One-time Eatmyink roommate Ian Turburville

Norman Wheeldon

Jed Guy

Jed Guy ran his first 7 second pass en route to winning Outlaw Anglias.

Ramon Van Der Weuf

Nostalgia Cannonball Challenge was won by Funny Car driver Ramon Van Der Weuf, beating Nick Davies’ fuel altered 6.42 at 212 to 6.61-223.   


Davies had beaten Ron Hope on a holeshot with 6.59-220 to Hope’s quicker 6.53 and a personal best speed of 231.56. Nice way to celebrate 50 years racing.  

Randy Bradford was undefeated over the weekend and ran best figures of 6.406 at 234mph. Low ET of the weekend (6.186) went to Steph Milam in her Altered.

Tony Betts

Ian Merryweather

And finally, a fire burnout by Bob Hawkins