event: 2016 ACU Championships Round 6—Extreme Performance Bike Weekend
where: Santa Pod Raceway, UK

Santa Pod's Extreme Performance Bike Weekend

story by Steven Moxley with photos by Steven and Julie Moxley


A full day’s qualifying for the Extreme Performance Bike Weekend— Round 6 of the ACU Championships—was completed with four full sessions. But rain at Santa Pod Raceway delayed the start of the eliminations on raceday with the first round starting at 2.00pm.

Funny Bike

Lorcan Parnell

Lorcan Parnell ran back-to-back 6-second passes during qualifying with a best of 6.890 at 192.97 mph, then his transmission locked up on his final qualifier after the burnout. 

Allan Davies

Allan Davies was Parnell’s nearest challenger with a 7.491 at 179.18. Bob Brooks was next at 7.592-175.08, followed by Dave Buttery who had a transmission lock up in the opening session and qualified with a 7.617-172.41. 

Bob Brooks

In fifth spot was Eric Richard with a 7.732-172.40, just edging Phil Crossley’s 7.759-156.29. Filippos Papafilippou had fuel and timing issues riding Glenn Borg’s bike, qualifying with a 7.766-169.83.

Phil Crossley

After qualifying was completed, Phil Crossley was crowned the 2016 ACU Funny Bike Champion.

Parnell was on a bye run to start eliminations and broke after doing a rolling burnout. Buttery powered around Richard with a 7.855-171 to 8.778-136 for a bye to the final.  Davies had a bye run in round one with Papafilippou a no-show. Crossley ran 7.298 against Brooks, who got very close to the centreline and had to ease off the throttle to a 12.968.

Dave Buttery

Crossley was a no-show in the semi-final, so Davies met Buttery in a bizarre final. Buttery had a problem when he tried to burnout and Davies was given the signal for a bye run. He only got as far as 100 feet when his bike stopped, but claimed the event win.
Comp Bike

Sean Mills

Sean Mills had a breakage in the opening qualifying session and only made one pass in qualifying, but ran 7.786 at 192.05 straight to number one spot.

Eddy Smiley

Eddy Smiley only just got his motor rebuilt in time for this event and ran 7.934-173.73, just ahead of title challenger Mick Winyard’s 8.042-177.80. Winyard was still having issues with his motor. 

Mick Winyard

Martin Walker finally sorted his fuel issue and ran 8.093 at 174.39. Newcomer to the class Margot Schmidt has moved from 8.50 Bike, and qualified with 8.362-163.66.

Margot Schmidt sporting an Orient Express sticker on her "Raptor" 'Busa

Phil Leamon had ignition problems, changing spark plugs, leads and ignition box and qualified with an 8.769-149.14. Another rider with fuel issues was John McLean Jr, who ran 9.055-148.57. Mark Hope was trying to find a set-up to suit the track  and ran 10.612-125.22.

Mark Hope

Mills had a bye in round one of eliminations when Hope broke during his burnout, then ran low ET of 7.660. Schmidt spun the rear tyre off the start line against Walker, who took the winlight 8.422. McLean was a no-show against Smiley. Leamon got close to the centreline and Winyard powered past 8.638 to 9.079. 

The first semi-final saw Walker put a .106 to .126 holeshot on Mills, but he couldn’t stop Mills taking the winlight 8.249 to 8.349. 

In the other semi this was the race to decide the championship, with the winner being crowned the ACU Comp Bike Champion. It was Smiley who ran his best time of the weekend, 7.841, to become the 2016 champion. Winyard ran 8.162. 

Smiley tried to finish the season with a win, but Mills found his form again and took the win 7.814 to Smiley’s losing 7.928.   

Tony Clark
Super Street Bike

There was an international flavour to the final meeting of Super Street Bike.

Garry Bowe

Reigning European FIM Cup winner Garry Bowe topped the field after qualifying was completed with a 7.079 at 203.41 mph.

Steve Venables on his DME bike

Steve Venables qualified with a 7.126-203.38 on his DME bike and became the 2016 ACU Super Street Bike Champion. He dropped a valve after the first pass and changed his motor for the rest of the weekend. 

Graham Balchin's ageless ZX12

Graham Balchin was next with a 7.152-198.82, followed by Pete Field’s 7.209-199.00. Robert Nilsson from Sweden ran personal best figures of 7.264 and on another run 200.66—his first 200 mph plus. Rudolfo Maduro ran back to back personal bests of 7.393-188 and 7.315.  Another Swedish rider, Mathias Bohlin, also ran p/b 7.540-190.54. Chris Reed ran his best of the season 7.615 at 183.62 for the bump spot. 

Rudolfo Maduro

Mathias Bohlin

Allan Jensen's windscreen seemed to have a weather system all its own

Outside the show was Denmark's Allan Jensen with a p/b 7.758. 

Charly Anasgasti had done some mods to the front end and bodywork to cure the handling problems he had at the National Finals. But an electrical issue meant he only got one pass in qualifying, a 7.851-164.27. 

Reigning ACU Pro Stock Bike Champion Alex Hope was back in Super Street, but an inlet camshaft broke while warming up the engine in the pits and he ran a 7.893. 

Dave Thomas was the last rider 8.330-172.40.

Jensen came in for Reed as first alternate to face Bowe in round one of eliminations. Bowe put Jensen back on the trailer 7.356 to 7.789. 

Robert Nilsson

Anasgasti was in for Field and lost to Nilsson’s p/b of 7.243. Venables beat Bohlin 7.093 to 7.597. Maduro lost power at mid-track (broken bracket on the plenum) against Balchin’s 7.355 and lost with an 8.293. 

Bowe was back on form and ran 7.091-203.50 against Nilsson, who ran another p/b 7.219 at 199.77. In the other semi Venables redlit against Balchin. 

Bowe ran another 7.09 to win the final race of 2016.
8.50 Bike

Jay Roe

Jay Roe became the 2016 8.50 Bike Champion and capped off the season by winning in the final against Jake Mechaell.

9.50 Bike

Lewis Burgess

Richard Sawatzki

Lewis Burgess won the event and Richard Sawatzki is the 2016 9.50 Bike Champion.

ET Bike

Wayne Bradley

Wayne Bradley had won the last two national events (Open Sports Nationals and the National Finals) coming into this one. Gary Nester was leading the championship and the two riders met in the final, with the winner taking the crown. It was Bradley once again who turned the win light on to become the 2016 ET Bike Champion.



Neil Midgley did his licence runs on Chris “Cannon” Hannam’s blown V-Twin. New piston/rings were fitted before Sunday’s last pass and Midgley ran 7.441 at 141 on his final pass. Should be interesting next year with this combination.

Congratulations to the following champions:

Top Fuel Bike—Steve Woollatt
Funny Bike—Phil Crossley
Pro Stock Bike—Alex Hope
Comp Bike—Eddy Smiley
Super Street Bike—Steve Venables
8.50 Bike—Jay Roe
9.50 Bike—Richard Sawatzki
SPRC ET Bike—Wayne Bradley
APIRA ET Bike—Joe Elliott

Nick Daniels

APIRA ET Bike champ Joe Elliott

Dave Holland showing that a SRAD can still tote the wheel

The Dorgan Family squaring off

Gary Norman doubling up on engines

Mike Olie

What tire is Pro Street-legal for an Infinity??

Jamie Sneddon's sporting some serious bodywork

Stephen French

Daniel Bergelin

Mark Stevens