2016 PRI show in Indianapolis

PRI Growing Like My Waistline

photos and captions by Tim Hailey


Snake Calvert and Cindy Verkooij gather the CP-Carillo staff in front of their impressive, towering sign

APE's Jay and Dianne Eshbach MORE PRI PHOTOS

Sharp Eatmyink readers know I called this one back in Reading—30 year Star Racing wrench Ken Johnson sporting the shirt of his new employer, Cory Reed's Liberty Racing.

Jason Dunigan, Doug Gall, DME's Andy Sawyer and Dimey Eddinger, Dave Dunigan, and a jacked-up looking Phill Davis

Kenny Koldsbaek, Antron Brown and Bryan Smith check out the trick, Web-Cam equipped Crossley Kawasaki that Smith won the AMA Pro Flat Track championship on. Antron was on quite a rant about Harley-Davidson's cozy relationship with the NHRA and the rules changes the class has dealt with over the years. I suggested to Smith—as I have to Nicky Hayden—a career in drag racing at some point.

Skip Gladstone had a five-fingered message for IDBL's Jack Korpela regarding DME Real Street rules changes meant to slow his bike down

PJ Harvey doesn't recommend street racing, but if you're street racing, he recommend's PJ1 TrackBite

PJ and his marketing guy Todd Carroll in the PJ1 booth MORE PRI PHOTOS

Kevin Holmes, Sebastian Kibblewhite and Mike Perry in the KPMI booth MORE PHOTOS

Perry conducting the uber informative Kibblewhite lecture MORE PRI PHOTOS

Friday night's Kibblewhite dinner included Larry McBride, Will Kibblewhite, Dave Schnitz, Web Cam's Laurie Dunlap, Kristen Goss, Melissa Martinez and Faith Zeelenberg, Jack Korpela, DME's Dimey Eddinger and Andy Sawyer, Kevin Holmes, Sebastian Kibblewhite and Jay Regan

Those glorious snowbunnies that are the Web Cam girls MORE PRI PHOTOS

Jerry Savoie's NHRA championship-winning Suzuki in the Mr. Race Oil booth with Tim Miranda (foreground) and Bruce Firkins

Ralphie Navarro and the Worldwide Bearings crew pose with Navarro's innovative land speed 'Busa, built by Stephen Serafini

Yes, those are TWO turbo's on Navarro's 1000hp Hayabusa MORE PRI PHOTOS

Navarro's intense looking bodywork with the huge inlet for the upfront turbo MORE PHOTOS

Sharon and Chris Hand with Redneck Express crewman Dick Boxell MORE PRI PHOTOS

PSM hot gloves past, present and future: Greg Underdahl, Joe Riccardi, Skip and Joey Gladstone, Chris and Kelly Clontz, Gary Stoffer and Craig Treble

Kelly Clontz is the proud new owner of the former Stoffer Suzuki that Tyler Fisher and Mark Paquette rode this year. Note the perfect placement of the Eatmyink sticker

My Saturday lunch dates Richard Gadson and Brad Mummert—Big Thanks to Brad for picking up the tab!

Quicktime's Rudy Sanzottera flanked by Kayla and Bill DeShong, Mike Turner and Princess, and Jeff Lindeman


NHRA PSM superstar Chip Ellis and Mike Belo MORE PRI PHOTOS

Chip's tuner/Pippin Power engine builder Lon Moyer (right) and Steve Rominski of S&S

Glenn Merchant shows off Weld's new truck wheels. Let Glenn know that Eatmyink readers are interested in seeing these wheels on their trucks!

Two Wheel Werkz' Justin Doucet and Derek Miller flanking Ben Knight MORE PHOTOS

Nitro studs Mitch Brown, Sam Wills and Mike Dryden hang with Sandra Alberti at the uber popular Boninfante booth

Speaking of nitro studs, Vantine Nitrosports' Joe Taranto, Jim Althaus and Greg Pollard cruised the aisles

Eric Paquette pushing his Battle Royale-winning 'Busa out of the Pro-Charger booth

Skip Gladstone and Bill Miller discuss the Hayabusa rods that the pair intend to manufacture

Victor and Lea "Future Pro Streeter" Martinez with Larry McBride and John Alwine

These two had never met before—Pro Extreme driver "Madman" Frankie Taylor and Top Fuel Motorcycle legend Larry "Spiderman" McBride

Xtrac's Andrew Heard shows off one his company's stout gearboxes MORE PRI PHOTOS

"Little Big Dave" and "Big Dave" Conforti in the Worldwide Bearings booth MORE PHOTOS

Cold Hard Artist Tom Patsis flanked by wife Amanda and CP-Carillio's Cindy Verkooij

"The Competition" Derrick Riffell and Lisa Cassidy, all smiles always MORE PRI PHOTOS

Ray "Hump Day" Golson in the Worldwide Bearings booth MORE PRI PHOTOS

McBride and his shadow Korpela MORE PRI PHOTOS