2016 V-Twin show in Cincinnati

Small V-Twin Expo makes for Good Chat

photos and captions by Tim Hailey brought to you by Kibblewhite


There are three brands of carbon fiber motorcycle wheels in the world and Brock's Performance distributes two of them. Here Brock shows the new RotoBox brand, which the Slovenian manufacturer claims is both lighter and stronger than the other brands. And they come in a cool, resuable aluminum box.

Eddie Krawiec and Matt Hines show Tommy Bolton the new Vance&Hines Race Shop V-Twin components. In addition to his turbo and nitrous import drag racing history, Bolton is also a top-notch builder of badass baggers for the street.

I had great converstaions with both Krawiec and Hines. When I continued to doubt whether V&H had indeed struggled with the Sunoco fuel mandated by the NHRA in Pro Stock Motorcycle, Krawiec got emotional. He told me about how angry he got in the meeting with Sunoco and NHRA about the mandate, and how he figures it cost V&H about $40,000 in dyno testing and parts to figure out how to race with the fuel—a fuel that Eddie was anything but complimentary about. We talked about how he faced a similar problem when AMA/Prostar mandated Nutec for 600 Supersport. In both cases, of course, it was a money deal between the fuel company and race organizers at the expense of the racer. "If we have to race one fuel, we should get that fuel for free," Krawiec insisted.

S&S president Paul Langley used to be president at V&H—a split that was amiable with only one half of that previous employer.

Langley has insisted that S&S step up and redesign their PSM motor. For some time now, the motor has served more as a blank for builder development than a race-ready piece. "The teams don't want to talk to me because they've got their own secret tricks," said Langley. "We (as S&S reps) need to feel proud to walk into the pits again."

Matt Rice, Mike Perry and Will Kibblewhite holding down the fort in the Kibblewhite booth. Kibblewhite has ambitious plans to reinvent his business and move beyond the company's base of supplying the industry's absolute best valvetrain components. He showed me drawings for the company's forthcoming, California-compliant, lead-free wheel weights.

As many of you know, the venerable Brad Penn oil brand—longtime sponsor of John Alwine's Top Fuel projects—was acquired by D-A Lubricants. D-A is wildly ambitious, even becoming the first-ever presenting sponsor of the Indianapolis 500 in a 3 year, 5 million dollar deal. We hope that in partnering with big players that D-A doesn't forget the comparatively little guys like Alwine.

Here John and wife Barb are flanked by PennGrade1's Rick Byron and Nick Dixon as they hover above John's awesome Korry Hogan-ridden TF Hayabusa.

I always love running into anybody from Indiana's own Rush Racing, and at the V-Twin show it's Terry Daniel and his son Adam. Terry broke his tailbone a while back and developed a seat that's made for riders with tailbone injuries. What began as a joke about me fitting my balls into the seat's "comfort slot" turned into a full-on, riff-a-second brainstorming session that is sure to revolutionize the seat industry—seriously!

Brock has paired with custom bike builder Dave Perewitz to showcase Brock's Performance products to turn ill-handling Dynas into tamed beasts. These include the swingarm seen here, triple-tree with reversible bottom clamp, Street Shockz, and—of course—BSTs.