event: 2017 ACU Championships Round 2, Springspeed Nationals
where: Shakespeare County Raceway,
Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, England

Springspeed Nationals at Shakey

story by Steven Moxley photos by Julie Moxley


Rain disrupted this running of the annual Springspeed Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway. Four qualifying sessions were completed on Saturday, which turned out to be the best day of the meeting. It rained in the afternoon and shortened Sunday’s qualifying session. Monday the track crew did a huge job drying the track and at 4.00 pm, the eliminations were started but only one round was completed.

Funny Bike

Allan Davies

Allan Davies continued his good form and was the number one Funny Bike qualifier with a 7.280 at 178.96 mph.

Dave Peters

Dave Peters was next with a 7.362 at 176.83, and the last qualifier was reigning ACU Funny Bike champion Phil Crossley with a 7.471-166.74.

Phil Crossley

Davies had a bye run and broke the beam to start eliminations. Peters was a no-show, so Crossley ran 7.786-150 on a solo pass.

Comp Bike

Eddy Smiley

Reigning ACU Comp Bike champion Eddy Smiley turned the wick up for the final qualifying session to top the field with an 8.136 at 169.18.

Mick Winyard

Mick Winyard was the number one qualifier after day one but slipped to the number two spot with an 8.211-176.77. 

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas had originally entered Super Street Bike, but he was the only competitor in that class. With help from Graham Balchin, Thomas qualified 8.222-174.65 in Comp. 

Martin Walker

Martin Walker was in fourth spot with an 8.236-172.62. 

Pro Stock Bike rider Ian Burns was in the same situation as Thomas and moved over to Comp Bike. Burns had an air leak and spent all day Saturday trying to find it. He made one pass in the last session on Sunday and posted 8.438-140.26. 

Phil Leamon was next with an 8.509-156.87. Dave Batcheler had issues on Saturday and in the final qualifying session got in the show with an 8.584-131.74. Scott Collier was on the bump spot at 9.001-136.32.  

Outside the show looking in was Sean Mills who could only record a best of 9.072-162.09.

Rene Van Den Berg

Rene Van Den Berg has bought Herman Van Driel’s Pro Stock Bike and had some handling issues, running a best of 9.162-144.50.

8.50 Bike

Ian Chrichlow

Ian Chrichlow topped the 8.50 Bike field with an 8.508-159.89, just ahead of teammate and reigning champion Jay Roe’s 8.529-152.56.

Jay Roe

None of the 8.50 riders competed in eliminations.

9.50 Bike

Brett Cordelle

Brett Cordelle was the number one 9.50 qualifier with a 9.521-144.78.  Mark Dainty was Cordelle’s nearest challenger with a 9.547-143.00.
Cordelle, Richard Sawatzki and David Bowe were the winners in round one of eliminations.

Richard Sawatzki

David Bowe


Robbie Dobbie

Robbie Dobbie led the big ET field with a 10.256 on a dial-in of 10.250. 

Paul Adams

Paul Adams just edged Peter Austin for number two spot 9.831 (9.80) to Austin’s 9.741 (9.70).

Dobbie, Gary Hester, Joe Elliott, Louis Davies, and Dave Grundy all advanced to round two of the eliminations.

Siobhan Moor