2017 PRI show in Indianapolis

Good Times, Good Business at PRI

photos and captions by Tim Hailey


CP-Carillo's Richard Batchelor, RC Canning, and Ric Panneton display their go-fast wares

Brad Mummert with Tommy Miceli—one of many riders who looked comfortable in Richard Gadson's usual (former?) seat

Real estate magnate and safety pioneer Bill Simpson, carbon fiber meister Kenny Koldsbaek, and veteran open wheel racing scribe Robin Miller pow-wow at the Kenny's Components booth

Me with PJ Harvey and and Larry McBride in the PJ1 booth. Photo snapped by Jack Korpela

Even Antron Brown seemed to be considering kicking Richard out of his seat

Jacob Harrington and Kevin Holmes in the KPMI booth

Mr. Race Oil's product line is expanding, and so is their booth staff! Tim Miranda (foreground), Bruce Firkins and crew pose with LE Tonglet's badass Nitro Fish Suzuki

Bob Malloy showing off some serious clutch components in the Boninfante booth

Was there anybody at PRI that was NOT wearing a Worldwide Bearings/Hipster Skipster shirt?? The Worldwide Bearings crew pose with Brad Mummert's badass GS Pro Street Suzuki

A match made in Hot Rod heaven—the Web Cam girls Laurie Dunlap, Kristen Goss, Melissa Martinez and Faith Zeelenberg along with Linda Vaughan

The men behind Pippin Power—Brad Moore, Lon Moyer, and Matt Kennedy of Competition Engine Services

Easy to see why Worldwide Bearings' Ray Golson doesn't want to let go of Web Cam's Faith Zeelenberg

Skip and Joey Gladstone show off their Gladstone Race Engine rods

Diamond Bar Choppers' Bob Laguardia has long been a supporter of racing talent

Carbon Fiber king Tracy Slemker with son Luke and Glenn Grayson of McIntosh/Grayson Motorsports

4.60 titan Jeff Jones

Gary Scelzi is considering ditching retirement in order to comandeer Gadson's seat

Man Cup's Jay Regan and Dave "Till the End of the Year" Schnitz flank Conforti

Land speed meister Scott Horner thinks that he might be the man to take over Gadson's seat

"Little Big Dave" and "Big Dave" Conforti alongside Antron Brown in the Worldwide Bearings booth

This crowd might have been over-compensating for recuperating John Noonan's absence in the Wossner booth, or they might have just been showing the love for Pops Sanzottera and his beautiful Quicktime Hayabusa

Chicago G-men Dan Stoll, Chris Walters, Phil Stoll, and Johnny P.

Even Niki Zak seemed to be thinking about taking over Gadson's ride

Brock Davidson wasn't photographed on the Gadson/Mummert ride, but the first 7 second streetbike pilot did make his first PRI show with sidekicks Bert Baker and Skeeter Todd

Chassis gurus Walt and Stu Timblin

Legendary Texas Harley dealer Uncle Hal Gottsacker with son Rugger and grandson Harry—an IndyCar aspirant

Vantine Nitrosports' Joe Taranto, Jim Althaus and Greg Pollard cruised the aisles

Larry McBride with Rich Vreeland and Rich's little Pro Fuel/Nitro Funnybike Harley that he races in Top Fuel

McBride and Scelzi flank livery designer Greg Russell