2017V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati

Incredible Shrinking V-Twin Expo

photos and captions by Tim Hailey brought to you by Kibblewhite

2017 has already seen two American V-Twin motorcycle brands cease production (Victory and EBR) and the annual V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati has shrunk to the point that it will practically fit in my living room. Previous Expos featured huge displays from both S&S and Vance&Hines—neither represented in this year's show.

And yet still, some strong business seemed to be getting done despite the small floorplan and an even smaller attendee crowd. "We got some really good leads here this weekend," said Will Kibblewhite of KPMI.

"One of the things we kept hearing over and over again was that we were the only people there that weren't just the same-old-same-old," said Brock Davidson of Brock's Performance. "We're trying to incorporate things from the sportbike world into a world where these things really don't exist." And the industry responds to that.

Drag racing legend and Bagger-building badass Tommy Bolton admires one of Brock's new bagger front ends

Mike Perry and Will Kibblewhite of KPMI

Brock with a slick new RotoBox wheel display

I spy a Worldwide Bearings sticker—in this case, on Jody Perewitz's LSR Harley

Brock shows off his new Bagger swingarms

What's sweeter than this? The Bruce Rossmeyer display featured this very early example of Milwaukee metal

PennGrade's Nick Dixon and Rick Byron

K&N's Ross Berlanga and Johnny Jump

American Motorcycle Dealer magazine assembled practically everyone in the building for this group shot of their marketing partners. Fortunately, I was the only photographer with lens enough to do the job. It's not so much the length, they tell me, as the girth....

Just-Happy-To-Be-Here Craig Corwin and Eatmyink reader Frank Velasco

Brooklyn residents of the early 2000s will quickly recognize their 99cent store favorite—Shitbegone