Event: Mardi Gras on the Bayou Drag Race
Where: No Problem Raceway, Belle Rose, Louisiana

When: February 25, 2017

Mardi Gras the First Race of 2017

photos, video and captions by Tim Hailey


Mardi Gras on the Bayou took the tree as the first motorcycle drag race of the new year. This time the Mardi Gras went down in cajun country at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, Louisiana.

With perfect weather, a huge crowd of grudge bikes swamped the staging lanes along with a healthy dose of bracket racers from all over the region.

Hand clutches, sliders, Boozefighter Harleys, Pro Mod cars, Grudge bikes like Can't Get Right, Black Ops, Bloody Mary, Geronimo and Metal Mulisha—the track was live day and night with constant action.

No picture tells the "first race of the year" story better than Black Ops blowing rust out the tailpipe

Bates Leathers’ Dawn Grindle measuring a Mardi Gras racer for a custom suit PHOTOS!

Jeremy Teasley on Derrick “Squeak” Edwards’ MSP-built “Clean Getaway” MORE PHOTOS!

The Champ himself! Jerry Savoie flew back from Bradenton testing in time to catch all the Mardi Gras action at No Problem. Savoie was an intense observer at the starting line for pair after pair MORE PHOTOS!

M2.shocks’ Marcus McBain built custom shocks onsite MORE PHOTOS!

Rider Thien Le on grudge bike “Geronimo” MORE PHOTOS!

Troy Stemley with a wild hog and rabbit stew MORE PHOTOS!

Louisiana grudge racer Stephen Brindle and krewe MORE PHOTOS!

Lance Hines on “Metal Mulisha”....

...and launching skyward on Lil' Runts MORE PHOTOS!

New Orleans East MC guru Brad Mattei and wife Kay MORE PHOTOS!

Louisiana legend Michael Phillips and his Coby Adams-built ‘Busa MORE PHOTOS!

Bloody Mary catching some Big Air MORE PHOTOS!

NHDRO regular Anthony "Bishop" Randle kept everyone holy....MORE PHOTOS!

GSXR boiling it! MORE PHOTOS!

Texas teen “Money Mike” Thurman went to the final 6 in ET before participants voted to quit and split the pot. Money Mike was not pleased with the decision of his fellow racers.

No longer rusty, Black Ops sprays the waterbox with tire smoke MORE PHOTOS!

Mississippi White Boy Buck Burroughs and M2's McBain MORE PHOTOS!

Phillips boiling the 'Busa MORE PHOTOS!

Brindle getting down to business MORE PHOTOS!

"Scarface" MORE PHOTOS!

Major ballers Teasley, GT Tonglet, Squeak, and Burroughs MORE PHOTOS!

Chevy Cavalier with some backlit tire smoke MORE PHOTOS!

Here’s a highlight video of the event: