NHRA Southern Nationals, May 5-7, 2017, Atlanta Dragway, Commerce, Georgia, USA

LE Wins All-WAR Final in Atlanta

video and photos by Tim Hailey, story by Hailey, NHRA and team reports



Behind the scenes of the first ever All-White Alligator Racing NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Final. Watch this interview with 2016 PSM champion Jerry Savoie and WAR tuner Tim Kulungian

EARLIER: LE Lowers Low ET in E2

If LE Tonglet (above) can get past Eddie Krawiec in the semis, and teammate Jerry Savoie can do the same with Scotty Pollacheck in the other lane, it could be White Alligator Racing's first-ever all-WAR final

Sharp dressed man Chip Ellis wasn't as sharp as he needed to be in E2, putting the Junior Pippin EBR on the trailer after his match with Scotty Pollacheck

EARLIER: LE Runs Low ET in E1

4-Wide winner Louis Tonglet had low ET of round 1 in Atlanta with a 6.811

"Let's call this race the Junior Pippin Nationals," Chip Ellis said yesterday over the Atlanta Dragway PA. Junior and wife Lisa fed the multitudes with 700 grilled half chickens

Carl Franklin, AKA the Flava Flav of Nitrofish, smokin' a stogie in the staging lanes

EARLIER: Krawiec #1 "off the Trailer"

With no pass on Friday and a bike that wouldn't start Saturday morning, Eddie Krawiec was still able to qualify #1 with a 6.849 in Q2 (his first) that held up through 3

EARLIER: Rain Spits & Splits ATL Qualifying

Angelle Sampey sits huddled beneath the Atlanta Dragway tower with rest of the Pro Stock Motorcycle field as their opening round of qualifying for the NHRA Southern Nationals was repeatedly interrupted by rain showers. Angelle was one of the few that made a full-on pass, making her #1 qualifier with an asterisk—3 pairs were left when the session was called. Would her 6.904 have stood up if the sharp half dozen of the field been able to take the tree? Probbaly not....still, it was a confidence-building pass for the multi-time champ, who's struggled keeping her new Victory straight.

Rain delays splitting up a session gives drivers a rare chance for talking after one of them has completed their run. Here Khalid Al Balooshi—sitting number 1 in Pro Mod at the time—talks to AAP teammate Michael Castellana before Mike went out and knocked him off the top spot.