event: ADRL Ford Drive One Summer Drags VII
when: July 15-16, 2011
where: U.S. 131 Motorsports Park, Martin, Michigan, USA

Owens Taking Charge in Martin

story and photos by Tim Hailey

We all knew that he would...Ashley Owens kicks out the weekend's first .0 with a 4.081 against redlighting Casey Stemper in round 2.

It turns out Monte Campbell WAS done for the weekend last night...untill T.T. Jones stepped with a bullet for the JR Plumbing Suzuki. That was good enough to get Monte out of round 1 but not enough to get passed Eric McKinney (above).

Terry Schweigert's 4.110 on the DTM Suzuki (above) carried him around Travis Davis' .013 light.

Dave takes the tree, Kimbo the 60 foot. Dave Norris' sharp .010 light got him out of the hole first against Kim Morrell, but as you can see above she clearly had the low end grunt to propel her to the win over Norris.

Schweigert runs low ET of round 1

Terry Schweigert ran low ET of round 1 with a 4.126, overcoming David Vantine's perfect .000 light to advance.

Above is Vantine just after his .000 light and just before his bike moved to the centerline.

Kim Korrell (above) did indeed come back for E1, smoking Robbie Hunnicutt with a 4.145.

T.T. Jones (above) waves before his first round race against Ashley Owens. Sadly for T.T., it was a "goodbye" wave for the weekend. After a motor swap, Owens ran a safe 4.145n to advance.

Brunson Grothus (above) lost round 1 to Dave Norris, who's found his groove on his self-built DNR chassis.

The word around the pits last night was that Monte Campbell (above) was broke and done for the weekend. But Monte made the E1 call and ran a sparkling 4.192 to take out Mac McAdams' 4.206.

Charlie Prophit (above) didn't get his brand new Timblin chassis dialed-in in time to overcome the 4.135 that Eric McKinney ran on his own Timblin.

Carlos Wilkerson (above) lost the final last time out with a redlight. This time out he went the other way in round 1, losing to Travis Davis on a holeshot.

Casey Stemper caught Paul Gast using his TL1000 as a recliner and took round 1 on a holeshot.

Owens leads tight Martin field

Running only 2 out of 4 qualifying passes, all-world Ashley Owens (above) still qualified number 1 for the ADRL Ford Drive One Summer Drags VII at U.S. 131 Motorsports Park, Martin, Michigan. Ashley skipped the heat of the day yesterday and the morning session today, giving the illusion of a tighter field than it actually probably is. Behind Owens' 4.117, though, the field actually IS tight.

With Mile Lozano making the tuning calls, Eric McKinney (above) took second with a 4.126.

Kim Morrell is qualified third, but will she make round 1 at all after slapping the wall in Q4? Morrell's bike backfired and blew the header off. She ran over it and veered fairly hard into the wall past the eighth mile. Kim hurt her knee and elbow, and the bike suffered the usual left side pancaking damage. No doubt her tuner/main man John Sachs is having a busy birthday back in the Morrell pit.

Travis Davis is fifth with a 4.169.

Having a great weekend, Dave Norris sits sixth with a 4.182.

Dave Vantine didn't make it down the track until Q4, qualifying 13th with a 4.283.


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