ADRL Maple Grove 2011

Curfew Stunts Rainy ADRL Maple Grove Race

One the last runs of ADRL's Maple Grove debut was Terry Schweigert (near lane) and Ashley Owens. Ashley ran 4.02 to win and advance...but not advance. A 4 hour rain delay ran the event up against Maple Grove's curfew. As per ADRL policy, everbody goes home instead of racing on Sunday. As per ADRL's new rules, the event is ended without winners, and with points and purse paid only as far as the event was completed...Owens would have been racing Eric McKinney, who beat Ronnie Procopio.

Eric McKinney's bottle warmer broke in the lanes before round 2 on a chilly night at Maple Grove. Still, McKinney's brand new bike ran a 4.12 to advance past David Vantine, who suffered from the right lane's pull to the center, along with Paul Gast and Kim Morrell.

Matt Smith's unusal seating position shows that the Bagger broke another tranny in round 1 of eliminations at Maple Grove. Bill Robinson is trying to make parts for Smith, and they won't come too soon. Matt was throughly disgusted with the declining quality of parts he's been receiving for the bike, and not just in the transmission.

Paul Gast has stopped throwing the clutch on his former Pro Stock TL1000 and is improving every round since he started leaving on the button. Gast ran a 4.11 in E1, advancing to face his teammate Ashley Owens in 2. The right lane in round 2 spun no fewer than three bikes towards the centerline, Gast included.

Khalid Al-Balooshi lit up the pipes on this record setting 3.786 run at 200.38 mph, backing up the first Pro Nitrous 200 mph lap ever run by Balooshi on Friday. Frankie Taylor set a new Pro Extreme Car record at 3.581.

No stinkin' curfew can stop the Police Interceptor Jet Car

Owens #1 Again with a 4.05

Ashley Owens and the Fast By Gast Suzuki once again start raceday atop the Pro Extreme Motorcycle qualifying order. Owens round 1 4.05 pass was all it took as the field is—as always—about 8/100ths behind. Maple Grove Raceway's legendary atmospheric conditions and near perfect weather have yet to yield results with the bikes they way they have in Pro Nitrous Car, where Mahana Al-Naemi and Khalid Al-Balooshi are looking to back up ET and MPH records, respectively.

Mahana Al-Naemi (far lane) and Khalid Al-Balooshi

Big props to Eric McKinney, whose new Timblin Chassis "brand new everything" ran teens it's very first time down the track in Q1 and jumped to second with a 4.136 in Q3.

Note to racers looking to get your picture on only does David Vantine have our logo integrated into his bike's wrap, he and NY purveyor Eddie of Desantis Meats & Deli put on a helluva feast at the Vantine Imaging trailer.

Pro Mod veteran Carlos Wilkerson in the house, ridng for TT and Angelia Jones.

Owens Toasts Piston Chasing a 3

Ashley Owens was going for it in round 2. The weather at farm-bound, oxygen-soaked Maple Grove was excellent, the track tight, and everyone knows Ashley has the tool for the job. But past the 330 the Fast By Gast Suzuki started to stumble. "I felt it going away and tried to decide whether to stay in it or not," said Owens, who did, of course. The result was not too bad, a puff of white smoke and no oil. "It was the right time to try. We've got two more motors in the truck and all night to put one in."

The grill is going full on at the Vantine Imaging trailer, so updates will be sporadic...