Arabian Drag Racing League

event: QRC Round #2
when: December
9-10, 2010
where: Qatar Racing Club, Doha, Qatar

Hunnicutt Scores First!

story, video and photos by Tim Hailey

Even Billy Vose didn't mind being in the other lane when Robbie Hunnicutt got his first ADRL win. A man-sized racer in a jockey sport, "Superman" Hunnicutt always has respect from the field for his hardwork and sportsmanship. Now he's got the trophy, a big QRC envelope of riyals, and the Arabian Drag Racing League points lead. Hunnicutt took a scant .064 to .069 advanatge at the tree and ran a 4.204 to Vose's 4.297.

I told Billy he was riding the bike like Mark Conner on this pass. "No I wasn't," he said. "I was riding it like Billy Vose." True enough.

After dominating QRC's Round 1 and Round 2's qualifying, Terry “Milkman” Schweigert's narrowly escaped round 1 of eliminations against Kuwait's Meshal Al Saber, then damged two pistons and lost to Vose in the semis.

Angie McBride Smith finally hit the track and qualified this Pro Stock Buell before losing round 1 to Hunnicutt. Angie is the first woman ever down the QRC track and make no mistake about it, she is a role model and fan favorite for the girls here at the track.

Schweigert's DTM Performance teammate Dave Norris made the field and very, very nearly took out Vose in round 1.

And we will not be seeing Matt Smith on this bike next week as he takes over driving duties on Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani's Pro Extreme car! Eatmyink will have an interview with Matt and proud papa Rickie later in the week.

Earlier notes:

Terry “Milkman” Schweigert delivered an improbable quicker-than-the-QRC-record 4.13 following a nasty pit accident that left the Al-Anabi photographer ironically known as "Safe" flat on the ground claiming "No, I'm not alright." The collision between Safe's 4-wheeler and Schweigert's Suzuki left the Canadian's bike with a bent front rim. A mad thrash ensued and builder/tuner Dan "The Man" Wagner hurriedly installed a borrowed rim from Lance Hines just in time to make Q2. A poor burnout and and some lining-up miscommunication made this pass look like a sure throwaway, but the dueling flags Suzuki high-balled down the track like a runaway freight to a 176.9 mph top speed.

Schweigert's DTM Performance teammate Dave Norris is 6th going into today's final round of qualifying and eliminations, just behind T.T. Jones, Billy Vose, Matt Smith (with a sweet 4.26 out of the bagger), and Robbie "Watch Me Get Quicker Every Lap" Hunnicutt. Big Ups to the Hines team and best wishes to Safe—feel better big guy.

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