Arabian Drag Racing League

event: QRC Round #3
when: December
16-17, 2010
where: Qatar Racing Club, Doha, Qatar

Hunnicutt, Al Baddah and Beneidan take QRC Round 3 wins

Robbie Hunnicutt gettin' it out of the gate at the QRC

story, video and photos by Tim Hailey

Round 3 at the Qatar Race Club, coined Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani's "Palace of Speed" by racing promoter Kenny Nowling, saw the cream rise to the top as repeat winners took all motorcycle classes. Robbie Hunnicutt and Kuwait's Mohamed Al-Baddah took their second straight wins in Pro Extreme Motorcycle and Super Streetbike. Bader Beneidan, also from Kuwait, runner-upped in Round 2 but snagged a second of the QRC's snazzy trophies in Streetbike.

T.T. Jones

Hunnicutt gave up the tree to big man T.T. Jones in the final but T.T. fell short of delivering lovely wife Angelia the perfect birthday gift. See PXM results here.


Mohamed Al-Baddah

Mohamed Al-Baddah took the old Mike Mocney Outlaw too his second straight win over Mashari Al-Turki's turbo/7" slick/wheelie bar 'Busa when Al-Turki redlit.

Bader Beneidan

And YouTube star Bader Beneidan took the tree and the track by a wide margin over Khaled Al-Fowzan for the Streetbike win.

Matt Smith fell short of his double duty attempt as the AlAnabi Pro Extreme car failed to hook up and deliver during qualifying. Smith did post a 3.63 at 209 mph on a test pass Friday evening.

Pro Extreme photos

Super Streetbike photos

Streetbike photos

Round 3 candid photos from Qatar

Hunnicutt Back on top after Q3

Qualifying's gettin' intense at the QRC! Round 2 winner Robbie Hunnicutt's in a see-saw battle for #1 qualifier with Kuwait's Meshal Al-Saber. Ironically, Meshal's wearing a hand-me-down set of Robbie's Superman leathers while waiting on his own set.

Meshal Al-Saber

Robbie Hunnicutt

Terry Schweigert

The DTM Performance team had a rough day, swapping out motors on both Round 1 winner Terry Schweigert's bike and the bike ridden by Dave Norris. Schweigert's bike also got a top end rebuild and Norris' a rebuilt tranny. Despite all the thrashing and throwaway laps, Schweigert's qualified fourth so far and Norris is just outside of the bump by virtue of being 6/10ths of a MPH slower than Billy Vose, who matched Dave's ET.

Big man T.T. Jones is third

Matt Smith's pulling double duty, sitting fifth so far on the Bagger and...

...completing his licensing in the Al-Anabi Pro Extreme Camaro.

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