Arabian Drag Racing League

event: QRC Round #4
January 6-7, 2011
where: Qatar Racing Club, Doha, Qatar

Al-saber wins for Kuwait over Al-Anabi

story, video and photos by Tim Hailey

Matt Smith's Bagger gives up some real estate to Meshal Al-Saber

Matt Smith called his fate from the staging lanes just before the Pro Extreme Motorcycle final in Round 4 of the 2010/11 Arabian Drag Racing League season at the Qatar Racing Club. Smith and his crewmen Keith Nichols and Will Rush were stoked to be in the final, but knew their Harley Bagger had a serious competitive issue despite breaking the league record in round 1. "The bike's just not reacting," Smith told me.

"Off the light or to the 60 foot," I asked.


And that's how it played out, as Smith lost to a massive holeshot (.012 to .148) by Kuwait's Meshaal Al-saber. Beating Qatar's Al-Anabi bike that Smith tunes and rides was a big deal for Al-aaber and his team, who are still dialing in their brand new Timblin chassis.

Meshaal Al-saber

Al-saber started eliminations from 4th in the qualifying order and took out the other Bagger ridden by Mohammed Al-Darwish of Qatar. Next up in the semi for Al-saber was #1 qualifier Terry Schweigert, whose DTM Performance Suzuki fried a wire on the pass. Smith's 4.129 was enough to drive around Mohammed Bourashid after giving up nearly a tenth at the tree in their round 1 race. After changing transmissions between rounds, Matt caught a break when Robbie Hunnicutt, winner of the last two races, broke a crank in their semifinal pairing. Smith's crew changed another tranny (a 15 minute job on the Bagger) before the final. Even though the Bagger lost, and transmissions were repleaced, the bike is showing remarkable performance and reliability for such a new program. As for the reaction problem? "I'm not real sure what it is," said Smith. "It's one of three things—clutch, 2 step button, or a fuel/nitrous problem."

Al-saber wasn't surprised by his team's success despite only 18 passes total on the new chassis. "We hope to break new records because our goal is 4.0, so we will keep trying," said Al-saber, who pointed out that he is, after all, the defending series champion. "Big thanks to our team, crew, the tuner Sadeq Taqi and a big thanks to Walter Timblin, with all thanks and regards to Dan The Man—and thanks to you all!"


The theme of the day for many in Pro Extreme Motorcycle was a serious chunking problem on their Mickey Thompson tires. The apparently answerless problem had many in the pits frustrated all weekend, and no one's tire was worse off than Mohammed Bourashid's.

Mohammed Bourashid's chunky Mickey

...and Angelia Jones went from mild to wild over the tire issue

Mohamed Al-Baddah and the old Mike Mocney Outlaw again won Super Streetbike over Mashari Al-Turki

Round 2 winner Khalid Aldossary won another Streetbike trophy, this time over Misfer Al-Misfer

Smitth lights 'em up in KH Al Thani's Pro Extreme Camaro SS

Matt Smith and tuner Frank Manzo still struggled with the Pro Extreme Camaro SS. "Last night we went back to the set-up we ran with KH," Manzo said before making a test lap Friday night. "We'll get it." The car's struggling to get down the track, shaking the tires on most runs and throwing the blower belt on another.

Pro Extreme photos

Super Streetbike photos

Streetbike photos


Round 4 candid photos

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Schweigert Leads Heading into Q4

Terry Schweigert

Terry "Milkman" Schweigert leads a tight grouping at the top of the Pro Extreme Motorcycle field heading into today's final round and eliminations for the Qatar Racing Club's Round 4. Schweigert's Arabian Drag Racing League record 4.132 leads winner-of-two-straight Robbie Hunnicutt's 4.148.

Robbie Hunnicutt

Angelia testifies to Matt and Angie

Hattan Al Abbadi and crew workin' late on the old Ronnie Mitchell "Bounty Hunter"

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