Arabian Drag Racing League

event: QRC Round #5
January 13-14, 2011
where: Qatar Racing Club, Doha, Qatar

Bourashid Wins His First

Mohammed Bourashid

story, video and photos by Tim Hailey

It was over before it started, as Meshal Al-saber's tree cutting skills let him down in a big way. A lurid -.127 redlight gave Mohammed Bourashid the win, though Bourashid ran it out to a personal best 4.18 for good measure. Al-saber's 4.19 would have made for a great race without the redlight. It was Bourashid's first win, while Al-saber's runner-up finish, coupled with last week's win, moves him up in points.


Mishari Al-Turki and Hattan Al-Abbadi

Mishari Al-Turki finally discarded the bridesmaid veil, taking the Super Streetbike win over first time finalist (this season, anyway) Hattan Al-Abbadi. Class dominator Mohammed Al Baddah lost first round to Sattam Bugshaw. Depending on who you're listening to, Al Baddah was either nursing a broken tranny or took the round lightly—laying off the tree and running on motor only against Bugshan's streebike.

Khalid Aldossary and Bader Bin Eidan

Saudi's Khalid Aldossary continued made it three Streetbike wins on the season to Bader Bi Eidan's two when he ran out-60ed Kuwait's Bin Eidan in the final. You wouldn't know it by looking at the photo above, but Bin Eidan's reaction time was .074 quicker than Aldossary's (.140 to .214).

The improvements in riding and tuning for the Streetbike and Super Streetbike fields from Round 1 to Round 5 cannot be overstated. This is heatin' up!

Von Smith (far lane) grabs his edge at the tree against Matt Smith in a Pro Extreme Car semi

Matt Smith showed what the bike guys can do with 4 wheels, doors, and massive amounts of horsepower when he qualified KH Al Thani's Pro Extreme Camaro for the event, won round 1 over Frankie Taylor, and went down fighting in the semi against veteran Von Smith. Tuner Frank Manzo has Matt and the Al-Anabi car running with the best of them, and this event featured all-out battles every round. Alex "Manhattan Regular" Hossler and his '71 Camaro won the final over Von's Barwa '68.

All-Kuwait Final Coming Up

WARNING: If you're Canadian Terry Schweigert and American T.T. Jones, LOOK AWAY! You will not want to see these photos revealing the devastating lights of Kuwaitis Meshal Al-saber and Mohammed Bourashid.


Terry Schweigert's 4.14 couldn't erase this lead by Meshal Al-saber's .002 light

T.T. Jones also got his clock cleaned, courtesy of Mohammed Bourashid

Al-Darwish Redlights Away Round 1

Mohammed Al-Darwish

Surprise #2 qualifier Mohammed Al-Darwish redlit away round 1 to Kuwait's Mohammed Bourashid. Matt Smith had a poor run against T.T Jones, meaning both Baggers were out in the first round. With his own 'Busa broke, Billy Vose qualified Mohammed Yagoot's. But that one broke too in the waterbox just before his pairing with #1 qualifier Terry Schweigert. That was a bad break for Vose, as Schweigert was off the gas in third gear.

T.T Jones

But we all had to wait for the best race of the round, and possibly the best so far of the season. Robbie "Superman" Hunnicutt and Meshal "Anger Management" Al-Saber, winners of the last three events between them, were backed off the line when because of a shutdown area obstruction. They came back to run just before Pro Nitrous. Both were wearing Superman leathers, with Al-saber wearing Hunnicutt's old set while awaiting delivery of his new Bates. So it was Superman vs. Superman in what turned out to be a graphic battle of the ages. Following a staging duel, Meshal put 5/100ths on Robbie at the tree. Both ran 4.19s—Hunnicutt with a 1 and Al-saber with an 8. No need to do the math here, it was a holeshot win for Meshal, who has lane choice for round 2 against Schweigert. Bourashid snatched lane choice for his pairing with Jones by .008.

Meshal Al-Saber

Schweigert Retains Top Qualifier

Schweigert Gaps Field in Q1

When Dan "The Man" Wagner has Terry "Milkman" Schweigert's Two Flags Pro Extreme Suzuki on pitch, few can touch it. So it was in Q1 of Round 4 of the 2010/2011 Arabian Drag Racing League at the Qatar Racing Club. After a long delay due to high winds and drifting sand, Schweigert gapped second place Meshal Al-saber 4.17 to 4.25. Schweigert's 1.032 60 foot told the tale, followed by Mohammed Bourashid's 1.051 (4.26) and T.T. Jones' 1.055 (4.29).

The wind/sand delay didn't come soon enough for Round 1 Super Streetbike winner Fahad Al Hamoud, who crashed his old Sean Henson bike hard in the morning test session. Al Hamoud's been riding wild wheelies all season long. This one took him out of the groove and into the dust along the centerline just past the 330. When he got back on the throttle, the bike spun away from him and low sided Fahad, who mostly slid but did a couple of rolls and sat up in the center of the track. Not only is Fahad OK, but his leathers are unbreached, the bike merely scraped, and he made Q1, qualifying third (5.33) behind perennial runner-up Mashari Al-Turki (4.89) and Kadhim Abdulla (5.20).

Two time Streetbike winner Khalid Aldossary leads last week's runner-up Misfer Al-Misfer 5.57 to 5.88.

And Matt Smith looks sure to qualify for his first Pro Extreme Car race. Matt pedaled the Al-Anabi Camaro SS to an impressive 3.697 at 208.78, good enough for 4th for the moment.

There will be one more round tonight before the regular schedule resumes tomorrow. As always, keep an eye on throughout the day, and be sure and watch some eatmyinkTV between updates.

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