Arabian Drag Racing League

event: QRC Round #6
February 4-5, 2011
where: Qatar Racing Club, Doha, Qatar

Smith Nets the Bagger's First Win

story, video and photos by Tim Hailey

Terry "Milkman" Schweigert and the DTM Performance team let another #1 qualifier and track record go unrewarded, as Matt Smith won with a 4.11 on the nitrous huffing, S&S powered Bagger. "I screwed up on the tune-up," admitted Dan Wagner, who saw Schweigert's Suzuki's 60 foot time plummet to a 1.075 in the final. Smith also took the tree by by.038 and ran the Bagger's best number ever.


Here's Schweigert's record setting 4.10:


Here's Smith talking about the Bagger in Rockingham:


More action and interviews later in the week!

QRC Round 6 Qualifying Notes

The qualifying order is unchanged from last night heading into today's eliminations. Terry "Milkman" Schweigert and the DTM Performance Suzuki has had a super smooth weekend so far, setting the series ET record and claiming another #1 qualifier with relative ease. Schweigert watched this morning's final round from the fence. "I'm watching Matt Smith," said Terry, who was only donning his helmet if previous record holder Smith stepped up and around him. He didn't.

Smith is throwing a live clutch this event, trying to eliminate the Bagger's slow reaction. It seems to be working. In addition to being third in Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Matt also qualified #1 in Pro Extreme Car with a 3.62 at 208.81. Good stuff!

Smith's Al-Anabi Bagger teammate Mohammed Al-Darwish is fourth, looking to avenge his round 1 redlight loss from the last race. Meshal Al-saber, winner of week 4, qualfied #2.

But previous winners Mohammed Bourashid (fifth) and Robbie Hunnicutt (sixth) are struggling. Hunnicutt must have left his winning tune-up back in the States, 'cause Super-Mr-Consistency-Man has yet to hit the teens since he returned. Bourashid laid down a decent lap early before breaking a crank and everything connected to it in the burnout box for Q3. His bike didn't shift in Q4.

But at least Bourashid got to make a Q4 pass. TT Jones' bike died at the starting line, so he failed to make good on wife Angelia's 4.18 prediction. He'll get his chance against Al-saber in eliminations...which are coming up soon! Streetbike and Super Streetbike E1 are already in the books.

QRC Round 6 Testing Notes

Matt Smith set the pace in Pro Extreme Motorcycle with a 4.13 on only his second pass throwing the clutch. Smith switched to a Pro Stock clutch to help cure the Bagger's slow reaction. Matt also ran a 3.69 in the Pro Extreme Camaro, which seemed to disappoint Frank Manzo and crew.

Terry Schweigert ran two 4.17s and an .18 that bent a shift fork. Robbie Hunnicutt ran an .18 on his small motor, and Meshal Al-saber toasted a piston despite looking good in his new Bates.

The track is hooking, parts are breaking and this weekend should be wild. Keep checking back!

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