Arabian Drag Racing League

event: QRC Round #8: the Battle for the Belts!
February 17-18, 2011
where: Qatar Racing Club, Doha, Qatar

Kuwait Sweeps Bike Classes in Round 8

story, video and photos by Tim Hailey


Meshal Al-saber led a Kuwaiti sweep of the bike classes in the final round of the 2010/2011 Arabian Drag Racing League season at the Qatar Racing Club in Doha.

Canadian Terry Schweigert won the season points title, but the Battle for the Belt was impossible to call. Everyone in the final 8 had a chance with the exception of TT Jones, who took himself out of contention by riding a 'Busa and putting Billy Vose on his A bike. But Vose's bike struggled to be competitve following Bily's initial 4.12 hit immediately after his dramatic arrival in Qatar on Tuesday night and he lost round 1 to Robbie Hunnicutt.

The final came down to Al-saber and Schweigert, and Terry's DTM Suzuki had a leaking nitrous solenoid as he came ot of the burnout box. With the bike on a high idle, tuner Dan Wagner briiefly contemplated shutting the bike off instead off sending it down the strip. Schweigert staged the bike and Wagner gave him the go-ahead pat without even lining the bike up. Terry, who had low ET of the class in the semi, cut a decent .046 light but Al-saber nailed him with an .010 and held the edge to the finishline, his 4.149 keeping him in front of Schweigert's 4.137.

Meshal Al-saber taunts Terry Schweigert before the semi in Round 5 of the Arabian Drag Racing League, before Al-saber's new Bates Leathers arrived

It was no surprise that Mohammed Al-Baddah beat Mishari Al-Turki, an oft repeated scene in the Superstreet final. But Round 1 and 2 Streetbike winner Bader Bin Eidan went beyond the call of sportsmanship, giving the win in that class to his friend Ahmed Alhamaidan.

Von Smith won an all-Barwa Pro Extreme Car final over Todd Tutterow, despite TT's .007 light. Smith beat season points titelist J.R. Todd on a holeshot in the semi with a .009 light. Tutterow beat Matt Smith in the other semi when an air bottle fitting failed on Smith's record setting (3.55/212.83 mph) Al-Anabi Camaro, keeping the tranny from shifting.

Shannon Jenkins redlit away his chances at the Pro Nitrous belt, handing the coveted trophy to points leader K.A. Balosshi in an all-Speedtech Camaro final.

Dan Millen outran Frankie Taylor in Extreme 10.5, Mike Hill redlit against Sultan Al-Zaabi in Outlaw 10.5, Kahlil Ibrahim beat Sultan Akiah in Top Sportsman, Kuwaiti Abdulla Al-Shatti won Outlaw 8 Cylinder, Bahrain’s Saad Al-Murran won Outlaw 6, Hisham Al-Mulla won 4.50, and Gary Harper won Al-Anabi Dragster.



Matt Smith's team replaced everything electrical on their Bager and got one good round (4.12 in round 1) before gremlins resurfaced again in the semi. So despite leaving the line over 7/10ths behind, Terry Schweigert moves on to the final with a 4.117. He'll face the masked Kuwaiti team of Meshal Al-saber, who squeaked past Robbie Hunnicutt in fabulous race. Al-saber took the tree by .004 (.013-.017) and ran a 4.152 to Superman's 4.166 to advance to the final with Schweigert.


Gloves are off but the leather is split, if you catch my diappointed drift. All week nobody in this class has agreed on one thing, and now this? Whatever.

As Matt Smith struggled with a mysterious electrical problem yesterday on the Bagger, in the back, middle, or even front of my mind I knew the son of Tricky Ricky would show up for round 1 with a working piece. And sure enough, Matt ripped off low ET of the round to beat 2X winner Mohammed Bourashid.

Likewise, Robbie Hunicutt retrived his tune-up from Qatar Airways lost-and-found just in time to end Billy Vose's Prodigal Son show with a 4.167. We all knew TT Jones wouldn't be doing much with a Hayabusa, and sure enough the big man on a small bike puttered to a 9.17 against Meshal Al-saber. And Terry Schweigert ran 4.124 on his bye, losing lane choice to Smith in the semi—not that lane choice matters at the QRC. Hunnicutt will decide which side Al-saber races.


The Pro Extreme Motorcycle ladder is set for the Arabian Drag Racing League's Battle for the Belts. Billy Vose raced past Qatari Mohammed Al-Darwish to earn the right to race Robbie Hunnicutt in round 1. Matt Smith will stage his struggling bagger against red hot Kuwaiti Mohammed Bourashid. TT Jones faces Meshal Al-saber and points champ Terry Schweigert gets the first round bye.

Vose's return aftre missing two races stirred emotions and hostilities in the Pro Extreme Motorcycle garages, and you need look no further than the Facebook group page to see who's battling who. Further turmoil was created over points totals for MPH records, and the class split with Robbie Hunnicutt and Matt Smith allying against practically everyone else. Wednesday and Thursday saw many competitors refusing to speak to each other, although by Friday tensions seem to have eased a bit.

Last night's Shootout saw Vose with a midtrack lead before softening on the big end. "It touched the number 3 piston just a little bit," said bike owner TT Jones. Billy ran a .21 in strong croswinds to get past Al-Darwish early today, as spectacular numbers were hard to find in the strong crosswinds. Bikes are now headed to the lanes for round 1 of Belt eliminations!

Chicago Style at the QRC

With no actual qualifying for the pro classes running in the Arabian Drag Racing League's Battle for the Belts, Sheikh KH Al-Thani decided to intensify tonight's action by staging a Chicago Style Shootout.

On a roll, Bourashid takes the Chicago Style Shootout win over Vose after Billy's bike goes soft on the big end. Matt Smith runs a record 3.55 at 212 in the PX car to win over Alex Hossler, and Shannon Jenkins wins over KA Balooshi in Pro Nitrous


After one round of Pro Extreme Motorcycle: 1. Mohammed Bourashid 4.155 167.01, 2. Billy Vose 4.166 171.71, 3. Meshal Al-saber 4.174 172.21,4. Terry Schweigert 4.175 166.97, 5. Robbie Hunnicutt 4.214 165.90, 6. Mohammed Al-Darwish 4.691 138.06, 7. Matt Smith broke, but ran a quickest ever 3.570 at 211 in the car.

After one round of Pro Extreme Car: 1. Matt Smith 3.570 211.33, 2. Frankie Taylor 3.634 208.26, 3. Alex Hossler 3.639 209.92, 4. Von Smith 3.761 207.78, 5. Todd Tutterow 3.736 207.75, 6. Josh Hernandez 3.742 201.97

Revised Points at the QRC

Here are the Pro Extreme Motorcycle points with alternate: 1. Schweigert 2175, 2. Hunnicutt 1963, 3. Al-saber 1808, 4. Smith 1766, 5. Bourashid 1501, 6. Jones 1193, 7. Vose 837, 8. Al Darwish 798, 9. Almkhelan 276

Here are the Pro Extreme Car points with alternates: 1. Todd 1811, 2. Taylor 1807, 3. Hossler 1711, 4. V. Smith 1402, 5. Hernandez 1399, 6. M. Smith 947, 7. Tutterow 902, 8. Stawicki 782, 9. R. Smith 687, 10. Ahli

Note: Mike Stawicki's car was destroyed last weekend and Rickie Smith is not currently in Qatar, more than likely moving Bader Ahli into the Battle field.

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