Records and Rain at The Rock

story and photos by Tim Hailey

ADRL Dragstock VII at Rockingham Dragway, October 22-23, 2010

stories and photos by Tim Hailey

The track was tight and the weather fine—well, fine until the end of Q4 on Saturday, anyway. Records were falling in every class practically every round until the event was called, due as much to ADRL's no racing on Sunday policy as to nature itself. Here are photos and notes.


Runaway performance and points leader Ashley Owens and bike owner Paul Gast

It's not just that Ashley Owens' Fast By Gast Pro Mod is dominatingly quick, it's also insidiously consistent. Each lap builds on the previous one and moves the bar that the rest of the class keeps chasing. Owens ran a 4.022 Friday night but sat out Saturday's qualifying session. Paul Gast admitted later that, had he known the race would rain out, they would have run the bike in the session, potentially backing up for the record and even nailing the first 3 second Pro Mod bike pass.

Terry "Milkman" Schweigert keeps chasing Owens aboard his DTM Performance bike

Solidifying their position once again as best of the rest were rider Terry Schweigert and builder/tuner Dan Wagner. Terry ran a personal best 4.103 for, yes, number 2 as the team adjusted to having a second stage of nitrous.


Matt Smith's new Bagger

Matt Smith's nitrous S&S Bagger made it's debut at The Rock, and ran much better than I would have predicted. Smith made it down the track all four passes with a best of 4.43. Scott McKinney's wife pointed out that the bike looked like something out of a Nazi movie. Sidecar, anyone? It also has a Batman look about it. While it's execution my not be perfect, Eatmyink applauds the bike's cartoonish, Pro Mod attitude. Can the rest of the class step up, please? Original Katana, anyone?

J.P. Mattox's American Gangster bike has a gun painted on it. The weapon should have been pointed at the Suzuki's cases, however, as the bullet detonated bigtime is Friday night's qualifying session. Fortunately, the cylinder head and valves were probably protected by the piston's desire to exit by the bottom door. They flopped out of the gap like dead fish.

Kim Morrell qualified third!

carbon fiber gas tank in Walt Timblin's new chassis

final qualifying order