Morrell Wins the Belt!

stories and photos by Tim Hailey

ADRL LenMar Battle for the Belts at the Texas Motorplex, Ennis, Texas, October 22-23, 2010


The Battle for the Belts got started Friday evening when Charlie Prophit outran James Helton in the 8 vs. 7 race to get laddered for the Battle against second-in-points Terry “Milkman” Schweigert on the DTM Suzuki.

Charlie Prophit

Builder/tuner Dan “DTM” Wagner noted that Prophit wasn’t running quite as quickly this weekend as he had been, and was quietly confident about the pairing with his man Schweigert. But somebody forgot to give Terry the memo. He left before the tree came down and Prophit followed him. Both fouled and both were eliminated, much to the chagrin of Proffit’s chassisman Walt Timblin. He felt it a first or worst scenario, and Schweigert was first. But in the eyes of the ADRL, both were equally wrong.

Schweigert and Prophit

With Jeff Prock of Applied Nitrous back on the knobs, Eric McKinney was running in the top half of the field. “It’s not a record number or anything, but we’re glad to be running quick again,” said Eric’s dad Scott.

Eric McKinney

“Yeah, now if you can only knock a tenth off that…” I noted.

“Oh, you wait and see,” said Scott, and Prock nodded in agreement. But McKinney’s bike seemed to have 100% of both nitrous stages full-on when the bike left the line against Travis Davis in round 1 of the Battle, reminding me of Jimmy Smarjeff back in the IDBA Top Sportsman days but with less positive results. The revs rose quickly for McKinney, who spun badly and was done.

Qualified number 1 for Saturday’s race with a stunning 4.024 was the consistently surprising Kim Morrell. But she thought she was done in round 1 of the Battle when her bodywork came loose and started slipping off the frame. Morrell sat up disgusted, never noticing the winlight in her lane. As she congratulated Ronnie Procopio at the top end, he said “What are you talking about? You won. I redlit.” Indeed, by a scant -.001.

Kim Morrell

So Morrell was laddered next against the winner of the Schweigert/Prophit race, but there was no winner so she got the bye. It was a lucky break, and a lucky time for her to break a chain, which she did.

Owens had the round 1 bye and lane choice against Davis in 2. Travis slapped an .012 light on Ashley, but the red FBG bike laid down the quickest eighth mile in Pro Extreme Motorcycle history with a 4.021 for the win and lane choice against Morrell.

Morrell jumps out as Owens spins

But it didn’t matter which lane Owens was in when he sprung an oil leak at the line and spun quickly left towards the wall in his own oil. At about half track, Morrell's motor erupted in a silent fireball that stayed lit as she crossed the line a winner. Morrell joins her tuner John Sachs as a Pro Mod champion, the first ever woman to do so in the ADRL.

John Sachs and Kim Morrel

NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racer Angie McBride entered the Dallas event to ride the original Pro Mod Bagger while Matt was on a brand new, identical bike. “It’s way different from my Pro Stock bike,” said Angie. “I know what my bike’s gonna do.” And that was before a wild, crowd pleasing, hair raising on and off the gas Q3 pass.

Angie McBride

“Everything works off the throttle with these bikes,” said ECU tuning guru Steve Nichols. “One you pin the throttle, the timers start. You can’t feather the throttle, or get back in it.” Angie’s pass demonstrated that effectively. She tested a horse of a different wheel configuration on Sunday.

Reigning MIRock Outlaw Pro Street champion Dave Norris (Dave was champ when the class was dissolved) was supposed to have his shot on the bagger in Saturday morning’s qualifying session, but that never materialized when biblical proportion rains moved into the area. Not a wheel was turned and Saturday’s race was postponed until…next year! That’s the way they do things here.

In the meantime, select members of the series ship their equipment and talent overseas to Qatar for the other ADRL—the Arab Drag racing League. will be on the ground in Qatar covering all the action all winter long, so stay tuned!

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Battle results

Final qualifying order of the Dallas race to be completed next year!