ADRL, MIRock, Man Cup 2013 seasons

APE and HTP Team Up Again in 2013


Ryan Schnitz rode the HTP Busa to 4.0s by the end of 2012. MORE PHOTOS

APE is proud to announce that we have again teamed up with HTP Performance for the 2013 motorcycle drag racing season. HTP will have a great rider roster this year including Ryan Schnitz, Jeremy Teasley, and Danny Cox. Both Schnitz and Teasley will be riding Pro Extreme / Pro Mod Hayabusas equipped with a full range of APE products. Ryan will also be riding Pro Street at selected events. Danny Cox will be retuning a nitrous Pro Street as well as a bike in the new all-motor class in the MIRock series.

APE's Jay Eshbach states "HTP's Cecil Towner is great to work with. He is extremely professional and provides excellent feedback which is important to a manufacturer. On top of that, having Ryan Schnitz, Jeremy Teasley and Danny Cox carrying the APE logo through out thew season is fantastic"

Towner adds "I am happy to continue with our relationship for 2013. APE performance products have helped our race team in the last couple of years to achieve the first street bike in the 6's which is still the quickest streetbike in the world. We also currently have the quickest Hayabusa pro mod as well. None of this would be possible with out the advanced engineering in after market parts supplied by APE."

Among the APE products that the HTP team will be using this year include:

Adjustable Cam Sprockets. The standard of the industry. Manual Cam Chain Tensioners. When it is important that the cams stay in time. Cylinder Studs / Main Bearing Studs. APE's 20+ years of manufacturing high tensile fasteners for the aerospace industry has resulted in the finest racing engine fasteners available anywhere. Valve springs. Simply the best Busa spring out there. Trac King Clutches. The clutch that has taken the drag racing world by storm the past couple of years. The one everyone is talking about.The clutch that set the first 6 second Pro Street record. Tool Steel shift shafts, and much more. If it is on our website, then HTP is probably using it.

Watch for the HTP team at ADRL, MIRock, MFG CUP Events.

Earlier: HTP Taps Teasley for ADRL

Jeremy Teasley's 2 race ADRL career has been nothing short of spectacular. MORE PHOTOS

In a Boxing Day surprise, HTP Performance announced the addition of Jeremy Teasley to their Pro Extreme Motorcycle race program for 2013. The team plans to compete in the full ADRL season with both Teasley and Ryan Schnitz piloting two EFI nitrous Hayabusas. "There was a learning curve with our first Pro Mod season," said HTP tuner/builder Cecil Towner. "The value of the two best riders in drag racing, when trying to compete and collect good data, is priceless. When given the opportunity to add Teasley to the team, I seized it."

Towner is convinced that he can prove that the fuel-injected Hayabusa platform is the future of Pro Mod racing. "It's goin' to be some good competition," agreed ADRL champ and rider of the year Eric McKinney. "I think its awesome!"

HTP says that Danny Cox will head their Pro Street Program at MIRock events, and Teasley's dad James (AKA Crow) says that Jeremy intends a full MIRock Pro Street and Real Street campaign as well, although details for that endeavor will have to wait. Either way, when combined with the Manufacturer's Cup, HTP plans an NHRA car-level 22 event season in 2013.