MIRock Superbike Series and Manufacturers Cup, 2011

HTP’s 6 Second Season



story and video by Tim Hailey

It's been called the biggest milestone left in Drag Racing—the first 6 second quarter mile streetbike pass—and it fell this year at the hands of rider Ryan Schnitz and builder/tuner Cecil Towner of Richmond, Virginia's HTP Performance.

After the HTP team ripped through the barrier by an unheard-of tenth of a second at the October MIRock Superbike Series event at Maryland International Raceway, they ran more 6s at the Shakedown at E-town (Englishtown, New Jersey) and the Manufacturers Cup (Valdosta, Georgia). Now that the nitrous-huffing HTP Suzuki Hayabusa has the number firmly in it’s grasp, no track’s 6 second scoreboard bulbs are safe!
This video by Eatmyink Media shows the team tearing up the track and talking about what it took to get all that HTP horsepower hooked up with the tiny street tire. Please watch, share and embed this video and spread the word about HTP’s remarkable Season of the 6!

Cecil and everyone at HTP Performance would like to thank Motec http://www.motec.com.au , Brock’s Performance http://www.brocksperformance.com , Hayes Machine Works http://www.haysmachineworks.com , Schnitz Racing http://www.schnitzracing.com , Wizards of NOS http://www.noswizard.com , Catalyst Composites http://www.catalystracingcomposites.com , DME Racing http://www.dmeracing.com , Carillo/CP http://www.cp-carrillo.com , Motul http://www.motul.com , Carpenter Cylinder Heads http://www.carpenterracing.com , APE http://www.aperaceparts.com , Penske Shocks http://www.penskeshocks.com , Dan Rudd and MPS http://www.mpsracing.com , Bates Leathers http://www.batesleathers.com and Worldwide Bearings http://www.worldwidebearings.com
contact: Cecil Towner at HTP Performance, 1510 Webster St, Richmond, Virginia, 23220; (804) 340-0800,info@htpperformance.com, http://www.htpperformance.com