Mickey Thompson Performance Tires MIRock Superbike Series

MIRock Pro Mod Rule Revision


Bikes w/ 50" or less crank to rear axle and stock stroke (which certainly excludes Ronnie Procopio, above) can now weigh 585 lbs. Click For Revision

2"....some of the time, anyway...

MIRock officials have made a rule revision to the 2 inch ground clearance rule on all sportsman classes and the grudge category that will go into full effect on August 5, 2013. See the following rule revision below:

GROUND CLEARANCE: The motorcycle must have a minimum of 2” ground clearance with rider sitting on the bike. Bikes equipped with a billet flat oil pan (not cast) or a wheelie bar are exempt from the 2" ground clearance check.

Jason Miller, the promoter of the M/T Tires MIRock Superbike Series had this to say, "The main reason for the 2 inch ground clearance rule at MIRock was to prevent oil downs from busted stock style oil pans resulted from wheelies. These oil downs caused significant downtime and delays. In an effort to still target the problem of busted stock oil pans without throwing a blanket rule over everyone we have decided to make this rule revision exempting the 2 inch ground clearance check for bikes equipped with a billet flat oil pan (not cast) or a wheelie bar."

View the updated 2013 MIRock Rulebook

The next event for the Mickey Thompson Tires MIRock Superbike Series will be the Dragbikelive.com Sportsman Showdown at Rockingham Dragway on August 9-11, 2013.

2013 MIRock Rulebook

The 2013 M/T MIRock Superbike Series Rulebook is now online. There has been a few clarifications and revisions made for the 2013 season along with a few new combinations for the Pro Street and Real Street. These new combinations include a wheelbase adjustment for 200 lb. riders in Pro Street and extended wheelbases for naturally aspirated bikes in Real Street. All changes, clarifications, and revisions to the 2013 Rulebook have been colored in “Blue” for easy reference. Everything in “Black and White” were existing rules. Also new for this year is the edition of the 4.60 Index class rulebook. MIROCK has also added “General Regulations” section to the rulebook, and would also like to advise all racers to please read the “Points System” in reference to the new policy on bike numbers for the 2013 season. Once again, all changes have been colored in “Blue” for easy reference. Good luck to everyone in the upcoming 2013 season.

NHRA License required for MIROCK event at Atco Dragway

Originally MIROCK and Atco Dragway had hoped riders would not be required to have a NHRA License for the Atco event, but that is not the case. All riders entering the event at Atco Dragway will be required to have a NHRA License, and conform to NHRA safety rules.

Everyone has more than 6 months to prepare and get their NHRA license for the MIROCK Orient Express Motorcycle U.S. Nationals at Atco Dragway on Sept 6-8, 2013. This is plenty of time to get everything in order and get your license, so don't put it off.

To get your NHRA license you must first go to the link below and print off your NHRA "Application For Driver's Medical Certficiate" and take it to your doctor or local health clinic and have them fill out and sign off on the following NHRA document:

The next step is to take it to your filled out and signed by your doctor NHRA "Application For Driver's Medical Certficiate" to you local NHRA track and make your license runs or you can bring it to Atco Dragway on Friday, September 6th and make your license runs during the Early Bird Test Session (10am-5pm) or evening Test & Tune (6:30pm-11pm) so you can compete on Saturday and Sunday at the MIROCK event.

If you have a current IHRA license you can apply for NHRA License with a NHRA Crossover application and 2 time slips within the past 12 months from any facility or event. Bring your filled out and signed by your doctor NHRA "Application For Driver's Medical Certficiate" 2 time slips, and the following NHRA Crossover form:

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all at Atco Dragway for the MIROCK Orient Express Motorcycle U.S. Nationals at Atco Dragway on Sept 6-8, 2013!

Brock's and Bates Boost MIRock $$

2012 Brock's Performance Street ET champ Boo Brown will be racing for more cash in '13. MORE PHOTOS

Bates Leathers has renewed their Mickey Thompson Tires MIRock Superbike Series contingency sponsorship for the 6th year in a row and has posted $7,800 in contingency! Bates Leathers is also an Associates Sponsor and will have a display at all MIRock events and can measure riders for their own custom drag racing suits on the vendor midway, so be sure to stop in and see Dawn at the racetrack.

Here are the details: To qualify for the Bates Leathers contingency, the rider must have a Bates Leathers suit and have a Bates Leathers decal on both sides of the bike. Bates Leathers is posting $100 to win and $50 to runner-up in all Pro classes and $50 to win and $25 to runner-up in all Sportsman classes. You can use these gift certificates towards your next purchase of a Bates Leathers drag racing suit.

The MIRock Superbike Series is also proud to announce some exciting news for Brock's Performance Street ET racers in 2013. The purse structure for Street ET has been revamped and will now pay $1,000 to win, $300 to runner-up, $100 to semis, $50 to 1/4 finals, and $25 to 1/8 finals. Entry fees will be $50 (1-Day), or $80 (2-Day).

"Brock's Performance has been a committed sponsor at MIRock, and with the continued support of the Street ET racers throughout MIRock's history it is time for the purse in Street E.T. to go up to where it should be," said MIRock Promoter Jason Miller. "Our Street ET racers are very important to us at MIRock and it pleases me very much to make this announcement."

In addition, Brock's Performance has posted $39,600 in contingencies for the MIRock race series for 2013. This is up $3,600 from last season and this huge payout makes Brock's Performance the biggest contingency sponsors in the series. Brock's Performance has been a MIRock contingency sponsor for the last 6 years, so be sure to make your next exhaust or wheel purchase from Brock's Performance and get paid for it. Brock Davidson had this to say, “I have always enjoyed our MIRock Contingency program because the funds go straight to the racers, where they are needed the most. Now that Jason has revamped the payout structure, the rewards are even sweeter.”

Brock's Performance is posting contingency across the board in all classes for both their Performance Exhaust Systems and BST Carbon Fiber Wheels. Here are the details:

To qualify for the Performance Exhaust contingency, the rider must have a Brock's Performance decal on both sides of the bike, and must have ANY Brock's Performance Exhaust on the bike with the Brock logo plate attached to the exhaust. The contingency pays $150 for a win and $75 for a runner up in every class.

To qualify for the BST Wheel contingency, the rider must have BST/Brock decals on both sides of the bike. The full contingency of $150/$75 is paid to racers with two BST wheels on the bike. Having only one wheel on the bike still qualifies for half of the payout.

DME posts $19,500 in contingency and renews RST sponsorship

DME Racing has once again renewed their contract as the class sponsor for the highly prestigious Real Street class during the 2013 season. Many of the Real Street bikes run DME components on their bikes such as swingarms, oil pans, fork shortening, and other parts. DME Racing has been a MIROCK sponsor for the last 6 years and have competed in the MIROCK Superbike Series themselves for the last 10 years. You can find DME Racing on the vendor midway at all MIROCK events with an impressive display of custom race parts and you can even check out their Pro Street Hayabusa and their Real Street GSXR 1000.

DME Racing can handle all your chassis needs. They build custom Pro Street bikes, Real Street bikes, and grudge bikes. They have a CNC machine and have produced many trick custom parts for late model sportbikes. From swingarms, billet oil pans, to shortnecks, to full custom chassis, DME can handle it all.

DME Racing has also posted a whopping $19,500 in contingency money for the 2013 MIROCK season as well in all classes for the 2013 season for the third straight year on their oil pans and swingarms. So make DME your choice for swingarms and oil pans and get paid for it.

Here are the details: DME Racing is paying $100 to win and $50 to runner-up in Pro Street, Real Street, Top Sportsman, Crazy 8's, 4.60 Index, 5.60 Index, Pro E.T. and Street E.T. to all racers running a DME Racing Swingarm and running DME decals on both sides of their bike. DME Racing has also posted $50 to win and $25 to runner-up in all classes to racers running a DME oil pan and running DME decals on both sides of their bike.

About DME Racing: To find out more about DME Racing give them a call at 336-785-4845 or visit their website


Penske Racing Shocks has posted $3,450 in the 2013 MIROCK Contingency Program. Penske Racing Shocks has been a MIROCK contingency sponsor since 2008 and MIROCK would like to thank them for their loyal support. When you are looking to put the power to the ground make sure you have a Penske Racing Shock on your motorcycle. Here are the details:

Penske Racing Shocks will be paying $100 to win and $50 to runner-up in Pro Street, Real Street, and Crazy 8's for any PS-8900 model rear shock.

Vortex Racing has renewed their contingency sponsorship for the 3rd straight year, and has posted $6,600 for the 2013 season. Vortex Racing is the sole contingency sponsor for racing sprockets, so make Vortex your sprocket choice and get paid for it! Here are the details:

Vortex Racing will be paying $50 to win and $25 to runner-up in all MIROCK classes to all racers utilizing a Vortex rear sprocket and running Vortex decals on both sides of their bike.

JRI Shocks has posted $1,925 in the 2013 MIRock Contingency Program. JRI Shocks has been a MIRock contingency sponsor for the last 3 years, and MIRock would like to thank them for their loyal support. Make JRI Shocks your choice for the edge on the competition and get paid for it.

Here are the details: JRI Shocks will be paying $100 to win and $50 to runner-up in Pro Street and $75 to win and $50 to runner-up in Real Street to all racers utilizing a JRI aftermarket shock, and running JRI decals on both sides of their bike.

Worldwide Bearings posts $3,750 in MIROCK Contingency

Worldwide Bearings has posted $3,750 in the 2013 MIROCK Contingency Program. Worldwide Bearings has been a MIROCK Contingency Sponsor since the MIROCK Contingency Program started in 2008, and is still here supporting the MIROCK racers.
When you are looking for that extra mph on the track with ceramic bearings be sure to make Worldwide Bearings your choice!

Here are the details: Worldwide Bearings will be paying $100 to win and $50 to runner-up in Pro Mod, Pro Street, and Real Street and is paying $50 to win and $25 to runner-up in Top Sportsman and Crazy 8's to racers using their world famous "ceramic bearings" and running Worldwide Bearing decals on both sides of their bike.

About Worldwide Bearings: Worldwide Bearings can be found at www.worldwidebearings.com or you can reach them at 800-575-3220.

The Mickey Thompson Tires MIROCK Superbike Series has posted a $1,000 Cash Bonus to the first Harley Davidson motorcycle that wins in any class at a MIROCK event. The MIROCK Superbike Series offers nine different classes that many v-twins may compete in from Heads-up classes to E.T. classes to Index classes. This is a one-time cash bonus that is awarded to the first Harley Davidson or Buell that wins a class. Buell motorcycles are also eligible for this cash bonus. This cash bonus will go into effect at the FBR Shop Spring Bike Open at Rockingham Dragway on March 22-24, 2013 and will remain in effect at every MIROCK event until a Harley Davidson / Buell wins the prize. If the cash bonus doesn’t get awarded in 2013, it will remain in effect for 2014, and so on and so on. The MIROCK Superbike Series welcomes all Harley Davidson and Buell racers to our series and good luck hunting for the MIROCK cash purses.

Orient Express remains MIROCK PST sponsor & U.S. Nationals Sponsor

Once again, Orient Express has renewed their sponsorship contract for the famous Pro Street class featuring the World’s Fastest Streetbikes in the MIROCK Superbike Series. Orient Express has been the class sponsor of the Pro Street ever since its inception into the series in 2009.

Orient Express is responsible for posting the huge $5,200 total purse in the Pro Street class: $2,500 to win, $1,000 to runner-up, $250 to semis, $150 to 1/4 finals, and $75 to 1/8 finals. Even with this large purse the entry fee is kept at only $150.

”The Orient Express Pro Street class draws a lot of media exposure, and bikes are being built and purchased worldwide. That is pretty incredible to think that what these riders are doing here in the states sends ripples across the globe. We have had riders from South Africa, and the UK compete already and have new riders from Aruba and New Zealand that plan to participate in MIROCK in 2013.” Stated by MIROCK’s Promoter Jason Miller.

Orient Express President Skip Dowling confirmed, "Joe Hahn and I are glad to be back with MIROCK for the 2013 season. We're really excited to see new records set by the world's fastest street bikes! By once again sponsoring the Orient Express Pro-Street class, we hope to give back to all the racers and customers who have shown us their ongoing support."

On top of their support of the MIROCK Pro Street class, Orient Express has also signed on as the title sponsor of the famous Motorcycle U.S. Nationals Sponsor at Atco Dragway on September 6-8, 2013. This will be the 44th year of this famous event in New Jersey and will now be run under the MIROCK banner. Be sure to stay tuned for more details on this great event to follow soon.

About Orient Express: Orient Express is a warehouse distributor serving the needs of racers worldwide since 1973, and is proud to be your source for high performance parts and engine services. For more information about the products and services we offer, please visit www.orientexpress.com, call 800-645-6521, or email sales@orientexpress.com.


Cycle Concepts continues their support to the MIROCK racers, and has posted $5,250 for the 2013 MIROCK Contingency Program. Cycle Concepts has been a MIROCK Superbike Series contingency sponsor since 2009, and has continued to payout in all MIROCK classes. All bikes at the strip use a clutch pak, so be sure to make the Cycle Concepts Drag Pak your clutch choice and put some extra contingency cash back in your pocket for using it.

Here are the details: Cycle Concepts will be paying $50 to win and $25 to runner-up in every MIRock class to anyone using a Cycle Concepts Drag Pak Clutch Pak and running decals on both sides of their bike (One claim per weekend in the E.T. classes). Contact Cycle Concepts for full details on this program.

About Cycle Concepts: For more information about Cycle Concepts visit their website at www.cycleconceptsracing.com or give them a call at 803-285-8093.

Shinko Tires posts $4,950 in MIROCK Contingency

Shinko Tires has renewed their contingency sponsorship in the MIROCK Superbike Series, and their tires are distributed by WPS (www.wps-inc.com). Shinko Tires has posted $4,950 in the 2013 contingency program. Shinko tires will also have a display on the vendor midway and will be selling Shinko tires at all MIROCK events. So make Shinko your tire choice and earn extra cash.

Here are the details: Shinko Tires will be paying $100 to win and $50 to runner-up in Pro Street and will be paying $50 to win and $25 to runner-up in Real Street, Crazy 8's, Pro E.T. and Street E.T. to any racer utilizing a Shinko rear tire and running Shinko decals.

About Shinko: You can find out more about Shinko Tires by visiting their website at: www.shinkotireusa.com


MTC Engineering has posted $2,100 in the 2013 MIROCK Contingency Program. MTC Engineering has been a MIROCK Superbike Series contingency sponsor since 2008, and is proud to be able to keep giving back to their racers with the contingency program. When it comes to putting that big horsepower to the rear tire make MTC Engineering your choice for clutch components and earn extra cash while doing so.

Here are the details: MTC Engineering will be paying $100 to win and $50 to runner-up in Pro Street to riders utilizing a Gen I or Gen II Multi-Stage Lockup clutch and running MTC decals.

About MTC: To find out more about MTC Engineering please call 800-827-9210, or you can find them online at: www.mtceng.com

Fast by Gast has renewed their 2013 event title sponsorship of the famous Spring Nationals, Summer Nationals, and Fall Nationals at MIR for the 12th straight year. Fast by Gast is one of the longest running sponsors in the MIROCK Series, and is still continuing to show their support. "Paul Gast and the entire FBG crew are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are here to support the Pro and Sportsman racers and without the support of Fast by Gast, the series would not be what it is today." stated by Jason Miller, promoter of MIR.

FBG president Paul Gast says, “Fast by Gast is pleased to be back again year after year as always. FBG has been a series, race, and class sponsor in the sport of motorcycle drag racing since 1973 and still supports its racers today! I believe what goes around, comes around. Maryland is one of our better sales states and we thank the racers for their business. Good luck this year and we will see you at the track!”

About Fast by Gast: Fast by Gast can be reached at 800-866-3880 or you can visit them on their website at www.fastbygast.com

The next event for the Mickey Thompson Tires MIRock Superbike Series will be the FBR Shop Spring Bike Open at Rockingham Dragway on April 20-21, 2013.

Remember, Support Those That Support Your Sport!

For more information on the Mickey Thompson Tires MIRock Superbike Series.

Also: Attention MIRock Index Racers

MIRock will be laddering 4.60, 5.60, and Crazy 8s this year once we get down to 16 bikes or less in an index class. If we have more than 16 bikes in a class in the early rounds, pairings will be done randomly with a deck of cards as we have always done. We just cannot put all 32 or 64 bike fields on ladders, it slows the race down too much.

If in 1st round there are less than 16 bikes then it will be on a ladder first round based on E.T. in qualifying. If we are already in eliminations and the field gets down to 16 bikes or less, then the class will be placed on a ladder based on the rider's previous round's reaction time.

This should make our index racers a little happier and eliminate games in the staging lanes in the later rounds.

MIRock is also pleased to announce that in 2013 all Fridays before MIRock events at MIR, Rock, and Atco will be "Motorcycle Only Test & Tunes". There will no longer be cars allowed to test on Fridays so MIRock racers can come in to get parked and get more track time on Fridays. Each event will hold a daytime Test & Tune and an evening Test & Tune, both will be priced separately as in the past. All 2013 MIRock dates are listed as 3-Day events now because they are motorcycle only events for all 3 days.

All Qualifying for Pro and Sportsman racers will remain on Saturday as it always has been, however gates opening time and qualifying will start earlier to get all of the racing completed in a timely manner.

Also new for 2013, MIRock sportsman racers will be able to get teched in for the weekend on Friday night, and will not have to wait till Saturday morning. This will help in speeding up Saturday morning's program and so more sportsman racers can get all of their time runs in easier. Pro tech will still remain on Saturday morning as it has always been, but pros choosing to run Friday Test & Tune can get teched in for that on Friday.

On a side note, racers do not have to be present on Friday to compete at a MIRock event. Arriving on Friday only offers racers the preferred parking spots, getting teched in early, and more track time before the event starts on Saturday.

Earlier News: Mixed MIRock Messages

Will changes made by the world's biggest motorcycle drag racing series

prove to be the correct ones?

story by Tim Hailey, photos by Hailey and Shaker Salmabad

MIRock Pro Mod champ Ronnie Procoppio. MORE PHOTOS

The Mickey Thompson MIRock Superbike Series is spending the off-season sending out mixed messages about the series’ growth. Coming off a season that saw Maryland International Raceway’s biggest MIRock field ever, the series is adding a race and a track with the Orient Express U.S. Motorcycle Nationals at Atco Raceway. But at the same time, they’re entering 2013 with the fewest pro classes ever after showing Pro Mod the door.

The Pro Mod axe is no real surprise, with small turnout for the class at many of the 2012 MIRock races. “MIRock has never cut purses, even with a low turnout, and will always continue to do so when a purse is posted,” MIR race promoter Jason Miller posted on Facebook. “But unfortunately we needed the support from the other Pro Mod racers out there on the East Coast to keep the class at all events, and we just didn’t get it.”

Eric McKinney running a 6.37 quarter against Procopio in Valdosta. MORE PHOTOS

And yet, there are probably more Pro Mod legal motorcycles racing across the country than any other heads-up class. The recent Manufacturers Cup race saw 39 bikes entered in Pro Comp and Pro Nitrous, not counting Pro Mod legal bikes entered in Pro Dragster and even Top Fuel. With the startling numbers run by Eric McKinney and others in the quarter mile at Valdosta, and Billy Vose running a 3.98 in Bahrain, Pro Mod intensity is at an all-time high.

Billy Vose running a 3.98 eighth in Bahrain

So why have these bikes not made MIRock a home for themselves? “No one could ask for more, including your efforts to make the class fair for all that raced it,” Vose posted online in response to Miller’s statement.

“From my experience, it's hard enough running one series well, then you add in maintaining the equipment along with needed testing and/or R&D...at the end of the day there is only so much money and time to run a competitive Pro Mod each year,” said bike owner and former rider Dan Vasilik. “So many teams struggled to get parts they needed to make repairs this year between each ADRL race, they had no time to test or were afraid to. There was a parts shortage for a while, so guys just didn't want to chance breaking if they did have the time to make MIRock for fear of not making the ‘big show.’ Another thing I see is guys were getting discouraged not being able to run with the quicker bikes or breaking a lot of parts in the process and feeling it just wasn't worth even trying to give chase anymore.”

Steve Creech expects to have more fun racing 4.60. MORE PHOTOS

The addition of a 4.60 index will likely bring a lot of those less-than-winning Pro Mods into the staging lanes. New Jersey racer Steve Creech is one of those racers that will benefit from moving to 4.60. “In the long run, yes,” Creech said about it being a good thing. “Now I can run with any 105 pound rider, and won’t be hurting so many parts.”

“I have a perfect 4.60 bike sitting here with a new engine, wiring, Pro2, and so on,” added Vose. “It's a 4.20 bike that could be detuned to run 4.60's all year long.” And mind you, 4.60 will be open to ALL motorcycles, not just wheelie-bar Pro Mods, Funnybikes, etc. And Pro Mod will run as an exhibition class for at least two events, although the success rate of exhibition classes isn’t promising.

Still, one has to feel for MIRock supporters like multi-time champ Ronnie Procopio, who has now been on the leading edge of two defunct classes. Die-hard racer Procopio ran the MIRock and ADRL circuits both. “Well, as a businessman I understand completely,” said Procopio. “You need sponsors and support of the racers. And as for the 4.60 class, they have a sponsor and have a lot of slow Pro Mods and other bracket racers that can make it in, so it is probably going to be a good class. But I'm not interested to run it at all unless I'm just flat out.”

Rockingham Dragway is taking things a drastic step further, eliminating all pro classes at two of their events. Dare I say this reminds me of the IDBA? When that formerly great sanctioning body tried saving payout money that way, they soon found an unintended consequence—sportsman racers weren’t interested in traveling to events of reduced stature, and bike counts for all classes crashed through the basement.

Rockingham Dragway's Steve Earwood and starter "Little Man" MORE PHOTOS

The positive spin put out about Rockingham’s pro class cuts is that it places more priority on sportsman and grudge racers. But Rockingham’s MIRock grudge bike counts are already under attack by grudge-only events popping up throughout the region. Again, one wonders what these “reduced stature” events will have on bike counts. Rockingham owner Steve Earwood is a crafty man, so we can only hope he’s thought this one out or is able to respond if sportsman counts are affected. The integrity of the series is at stake just as it’s receiving more attention than ever.

EARLIER: MIRock Expands to Atco in 2013!

The Mickey Thompson Tires MIRock Superbike Series is proud to present our 2013 schedule and to announce the addition of the historic 44th annual Orient Express U.S. Nationals at Atco Raceway to our series. The 2013 schedule will feature a total of nine events held between Maryland International Raceway, Rockingham Dragway, and Atco Raceway.

The MIRock Superbike Series has always been held at Rockingham Dragway and Maryland International Raceway with racers all over the east coast supporting the series. There are many loyal MIRock racers from the north (including NJ, NY, PA, DE, and CT), and with the addition of Atco Raceway to the schedule these racers will have at least one race close to home. Atco Raceway's Orient Express U.S. Nationals is one of the oldest motorcycle drag racing events in the country with 43 years of history, and has been re-established under the MIRock banner.

Skip Dowling of Orient Express stated enthusiastically that "Joe (Atco owner Joe Sway) and I are really glad to be a part of bringing the U.S. Nationals back to the historic Atco Raceway in conjunction with MIRock. We have worked extensively with (MIRock promotor Jason Miller over the years, and we are confident that this will be a great event for racers across the northeast. It will also add an important seventh Orient Express Pro Street event to the MIROCK series, where the racing has been awesome!"

"We are very excited to host a MIRock event at Atco Raceway in 2013," said Miller. "Orient Express has been a long time sponsor of the MIRock series and when I spoke to Skip and Joe about bringing one of our events to Atco Raceway in 2013 they were all ears to help support the event. The addition of the U.S. Nationals will allow our racers from the North to have a great race right in their backyard, and to entice motorcycle racers from even further North to check out what MIRock is all about. I ask all of our loyal racers from the Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, and the South as well as the West to support this iconic event. It will allow our MIROCK sponsors to tap into a new market and further dig our roots up and down the east coast."

There will be a total of nine events in 2013. Seven events will feature pro classes, sportsman classes, and the grudge class. Two events will host sportsman classes & grudge classes only (Sportsman Summer Sizzler & Sportsman Showdown). The reason for this change is for Rockingham to highlight the sportsman program, which is the backbone of the series, and to have two events dedicated just for the sportsman and grudge racers.


April 19-21, 2013 FBR Shop Spring Bike Open Rockingham, NC

April 26 - 28, 2013 Fast by Gast Spring Nationals Budds Creek, MD

May 31 - June 2, 2013 Fast by Gast Summer Nationals Budds Creek, MD

June 28 - 30, 2013 Adams Performance Sportsman Summer Sizzler Rockingham, NC

July 19 - 21, 2013 WPGC Bike Fest Budds Creek, MD

August 9-11, 2013 Dragbikelive.com Sportsman Showdown Rockingham, NC

September 6 - 8, 2013 Orient Express U.S. Nationals Atco, NJ

October 4 - 6, 2013 Fast by Gast Fall Nationals Budds Creek, MD

November 1 - 3, 2013 Lee's Performance World Finals Rockingham, NC

"All MIRock events starting in 2013 will be motorcycle only events," Miller pointed out. "No cars will be run on Friday anymore to give more track time for bikes on Friday. All Fridays will just be a test and tune as they have always been, just now without the cars. That is why the events are now listed as three days. There will possibly be some events with one pro qualifying session on Friday to help make more room for the sportsman and grudge bikes on Saturday. These events are extremely long and very hard on our staff working 20 hour days in the heat sometimes, and this new schedule willl help with that as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year, and more details on these events , classes, rules, and daily schedules will be coming soon."

The MIRock Superbike Series is the nation's largest all motorcycle drag racing series drawing nearly 600 racers and thousands of fans at each event. The series features ten different classes competing for over $400,000 in cash and contingencies. In addition to the motorcycle drag racing, select MIRock events also feature Bike Shows, Bikini Contests, Stunt Bike Competitions, and Live Bands.

The first event for the 2013 Mickey Thompson Tires MIROCK Superbike Series will be the FBR Shop Spring Bike Open at Rockingham Dragway on March 22-24, 2013.

For more information on the Mickey Thompson Tires MIROCK Superbike Series