racer interview September 2016

Shayne Proctor Interview!

story and video by Tim Hailey


In town for the IDBL race, I took the opportunity on Monday to visit Shayne Proctor at Washington Center Hospital. As you are no doubt aware, Shayne was badly burned in a nitrous backfire-initiated fuel explosion and fire during July’s IDBL race at Maryland International Raceway.

I don’t think anyone at the time expected Shayne to still be in the hospital some month and a half later. Even in such a dramatic incident, our best-case scenario responses kicked in and we assumed the best. As Shayne was helicoptered out, we were all talking about a week and he’d be out.

Burns, of course, are breeding grounds for infections that can prove to be fatal. “The doctors said he could have died from this,” said Shayne’s mom Peaches.

“I don’t think people realized how badly injured he was,” said his dad Leroy. “They saw him say the he was OK on the internet, but he wasn’t OK.”

Slowly, though, he’s getting there. Walking will be difficult for some time. The bottom of one foot is still very tender and his broken shoulder makes using a crutch on that side impossible. After his hospital release comes a stay in rehab.

These five weeks and more must have been mind-numbingly dull for Shayne, but he’s had a lot of support from fiends and the huge Proctor family. His dad is there with him everyday, bringing home cooked meals so that Shayne doesn’t have to eat the hospital food.

And on this particular day, Shayne had a steady stream of visitors, including his cousin/barber Glen Thompson and rapper/rider XP Dollars.

Visitors and catered, home cooked meals are nice, but Shayne’s ready to bust outta this joint. Everybody at Maryland International Raceway and all the International Drag Bike League racers are keeping fingers crossed to see Shayne able to visit the track for the DME Fall Nationals/Finals on October 7-9.

Wanna help Shayne out with his bills? There’s still a GoFundMe campaign going on.

In the meantime, here’s an interview with everybody’s favorite racer....and PS: all jokes at Suzuki’s expense are all in good fun.